Farncombe and Intertrust IP Multicast Implementation breaks down barriers between CA and DRM

Implementation uses Intertrust Content Packaging Tools integrated and tested by Farncombe for IPTV applications

London, October 31, 2012 — Farncombe and Intertrust Technologies today announced the implementation of a common encryption system for IP multicast. The move potentially enables IPTV companies to adopt a ‘Simulcrypt’ model over their networks combining both Conditional Access (CA) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies, thereby enabling seamless secure content distribution to a variety of devices using different content security solutions.

The implementation is the result of joint development between the two companies, for which Farncombe carried out the architecture design and integration, while Intertrust provided its Content Packaging Tools and Marlin content protection solution. The move will help to remove the barriers dividing the DRM domain, generally used to protect on-demand services, and the CA one, usually limited to securing broadcast services.

Marlin is an open standard content security technology created in 2005 by Intertrust, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, and Samsung. To date, over 200 million devices are Marlin-enabled, with the Marlin standard being selected for broadcast, IPTV, PC, mobile, and embedded systems in national initiatives such as YouView (UK), Tivù (Italy), HD Forum (France), and the IPTV FORUM (Japan). Additional information is available at www.marlin-community.com.

Intertrust’s Content Packaging Tools are part of a suite of easy-to-use technologies that provide Marlin DRM functionality for services and devices. They allow existing video content to be packaged into the Simulcrypt-compatible Marlin Broadband Transport Stream (BBTS) format.

“Farncombe has always pushed for interoperability, both through its past chairmanship of the DVB Simulcrypt committee and its current involvement in projects such as the creation of a Marlin/Playready DASH secure streaming test suite for France’s next-generation DTT platform, TNT 2.0,” said Farncombe Managing Partner Jean-Marc Racine. “We are happy to have worked with Marlin/Intertrust, a company also at the forefront of innovation, on this ground-breaking project.”

“Farncombe steadily strengthened its position in the global market by combining a forward-looking vision for our industry combined with an in-depth technical understanding, allowing them to make the right technology choices,” said Gilles Boccon-Gibod, SVP Technology and Chief Architect at Intertrust Technologies. “With their integration and testing abilities and our tools, we are proud to deliver a ground-breaking implementation for IP Multicast scenarios on multiple devices that can benefit the digital TV community.”

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About Intertrust
Intertrust invents, develops, and licenses software, technologies and intellectual property for digital rights management (DRM) and trusted computing. The company holds over 300 patents and has over 250 patent applications pending worldwide. Intertrust’s inventions enable a broad range of products that use DRM and trusted computing technologies, including operating systems, digital media platforms, consumer electronics and mobile computing devices, web services, and secure enterprise automation. Intertrust is currently the world’s only provider of advanced multiplatform OEM SDKs for Marlin servers and clients. In addition Intertrust also hosts a venture incubator that invests in information security, privacy and information analysis technology in the areas of consumer media, health and smart grid energy management.
Intertrust is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has regional offices in London and Beijing.

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