Persongraph Launches Privacy-Preserving Mobile Ad Monetization Product at Slush

Slush Attendees can see Personagraph Monetize in action at Booth #1.22

Helsinki, November 18, 2014 — Personagraph, an Intertrust Company that builds privacy-preserving mobile user-understanding technologies{C}[RA1]{C}, today launched Personagraph Monetize, a new advertising platform that enables publishers to maximize revenue by delivering highly targeted ads to their audience, while protecting user privacy.

Since mobile environments don’t have cookies and publishers have few insights into mobile users, one of the biggest challenges facing the mobile ad ecosystem is how to target appropriate ads to diverse audiences. By providing user data such as demographics, interests, and intent, Personagraph Monetize enriches ad calls with key segmentation information to make them more relevant to each user.

Personagraph designed its data platform to fully preserve user privacy while collecting appropriate user data to fuel precise matches. The key features of Personagraph Monetize include:

Real-time mediation. Personagraph’s demand-side platform evaluates all bids in real-time and dynamically selects the highest bidder to provide the optimal yield.

Turnkey data platform. Personagraph’s data platform creates profiles containing demographic and interest data for 100% of the user base of a mobile app at the time of download.

Data Transparency. Personagraph Monetize helps publishers understand the value of their inventory by providing visibility into the performance and value of their audience segments.

Insights you can act on. Personagraph’s dashboard provides actionable insights on ad performance that show how various segments, demographics, interest groups, and ad networks perform across different ad campaigns. This data can be leveraged to maximize revenue.

Data Silos: Personagraph’s user profiles are not shared across the platform. App owners and end users are the owners of their data and have control over how and when the data is used.

“We built Personagraph Monetize to put our user-centric private data platform to work on making money for ad publishers and advertisers,” said Irfan Mohammed, Personagraph’s Co-Founder and President. “With the audience insights in our data platform coupled with our advance real-time bidding infrastructure, we help publishers burn off their ad inventory with high yield, while protecting consumers in the process.”


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Personagraph is an Intertrust company that focuses on helping companies understand their users, their interests, and their needs while protecting user privacy. Personagraph’s technology gives companies the key insights to improve user acquisition, engagement, retention, and monetization. For more information, visit

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