Kanematsu and Intertrust Partner on Mobile App Protection

Tokyo, Japan and Sunnyvale, CA. – October 18, 2017 Japanese trading company, Kanematsu Corporation, and Intertrust Technologies Corporation today announced a partnership to deliver mobile app protection solutions in the Japanese market. The partnership centers around Intertrust’s subsidiary whiteCryption Corporation, which provides the world’s leading code protection and whitebox cryptography products and services. These products protect sensitive software running in hostile environments from hacking by obfuscating sensitive components. whiteCryption technologies are used globally to protect mobile apps running on iOS and Android and IoT devices in various mission critical industries such as connected cars, fintech, physical security and healthcare.

“As Kanematsu enters new connected devices areas, we see security as a key requirement,” said Alex Sasao, manager of Kanematsu. “Our success in areas ranging from automotive to healthcare hinges on being able to provide our customers and the market secure apps; after researching options and solutions we found that Intertrust and whiteCryption provided the best solution and we are honored to partner with them”

Kanematsu will use whiteCryption products to protect their own apps and also offer the technology to partners in its trading ecosystem. Intertrust and Kanematsu will use this partnership as a beachhead to grow a deeper secure systems collaboration going forward.

“With over 25 years of experience in inventing and deploying mission critical security technologies for the web and the IoT, Intertrust provides the best distributed trusted computing technologies in the world,” said Yutaka Nagao, Intertrust general manager for Japan. Kanematsu is a world leader in many vertical markets that are all going on line – we are delighted to provide security for their products and partner to deliver solutions to the Kanematsu ecosystem.”