Marubeni Information Systems and Intertrust Partner to Sell whiteCryption Application Shielding Solutions in Japan

Tokyo and Sunnyvale, CA. – October 6, 2017 – Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd. (MSYS), and Intertrust Technologies Corporation today announced a reseller partnership that allows MSYS to resell whiteCryption Application Shielding products in Japan. MSYS is one of Japan’s leading IT solutions providers with extensive cross vertical industry expertise. Intertrust is the majority owner of whiteCryption Corporation, the world’s leading provider of Tamper Resistance and Application Shielding technologies, which are essential to securing mobile and IoT apps from hackers.

Hackers tend to attack the weakest point in a secure system, which for an app are the program instructions that are unencrypted on a device such as a smartphone or a car. Application Shielding technologies protect software from reverse engineering and other forms of malicious attacks by securely manipulating the instructions to make them very hard to break open. whiteCryption has mastered two patented techniques – code obfuscation and whitebox cryptography.

“In recent years, various business fields using innovative technologies such as IoT, AI, Big Data, Fintech, Social Media are appearing, and the development of application software realizes the smartification of things and services by using self-developed algorithms is rapidly increasing,” said Akihiko Matsuoka, Executive Officer of MSYS. “Application Shielding is becoming a required technology for software that runs on mobile and IoT devices and we chose to add whiteCryption to our product offerings because of its superior implementation and security properties.”

MSYS is a leading IT solutions provider in the Japanese market, with customers from government, enterprise and industry. MSYS can now provide a unique world-class security technology to protect Japan’s top corporations and their products.

“We are honored to partner with MSYS to serve the Japanese market’s critical security requirements,” said Yutaka Nagao, general manager for Intertrust Japan. “In addition to complex technical requirements and exacting quality standards, Japan requires specialized sales and marketing that companies like Marubeni excel at.”

Top-tier companies around the world trust whiteCryption technologies to protect their apps running on mobile and IoT devices for handling sensitive data in entertainment, messaging, FinTech, connected cars, surveillance devices, and healthcare.