whiteCryption’s Secure Key Box (SKB) Adds Speck Lightweight Cryptography to Protect IoT Devices from Hacks

Sunnyvale, Calif. – June 6, 2018 – whiteCryption, a subsidiary of Intertrust Technologies Corporation, the inventor of Digital Rights Management (DRM), today announced that its latest version of whiteCryption Secure Key Box™ (SKB) 5.13.0 includes the Speck lightweight block cipher. Speck is suitable for IoT devices due to its small memory and code footprint. Applications that use SKB can now exchange data with IoT devices that use Speck.

SKB contains a white box cryptography library that provides a secure implementation of standard cryptographic algorithms which completely hide the cryptographic keys in the binary code, making key extraction extremely difficult. IoT devices and the applications communicating with them are prime targets of hackers who wish to infiltrate networks, exfiltrate data, disrupt operation, misuse resources, and perform other attacks.

With the addition of support for Speck in SKB, IoT device manufacturers can now use lightweight cryptography on devices with space limitations or limited performance while still keeping the Speck keys protected in applications that exchange data with these devices. Many applications can benefit from this approach, including those in connected cars, medical devices, smart meters, and home automation.

“Our whiteCryption team is constantly innovating to deliver the highest level of security, while overcoming inherent technical challenges,” said Bill Horne, General Manager of whiteCryption. “With the addition of Speck, IoT device manufacturers can now leverage lightweight cryptography on devices that have limited space and computing power and be assured that those devices can participate securely in the wider ecosystem in which they reside.”

SKB allows standard cryptographic functions to be performed without the keys ever being in the clear. Because of its strong protection design, SKB is tamper resistant and extremely difficult to reverse engineer.