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Data science and dating apps: how to score your Super Bowl date in Houston

New Englanders take note, with so many dating apps, must you be so Tinder loyal when there are plenty of fish in the sea?  

This Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots will meet for Super Bowl LI in Houston for the very first time. This means many NFL fans and Houstonians will meet for the first time too.  

Since Personagraph is running on 1.5 billion devices, we figured we could dig into some data to help out those fans travelling to Houston for more than just the game. We analyzed data generated by over 300,000 fans of the NFL who use mobile devices. We wanted to explore whether football fans are equally present across all dating applications or if there were major differences across the fan-bases. So, we asked our data scientists, “If I’m in Houston for the Super Bowl, which dating app should I use to meet the football fan of my dreams?”  

Turns out that women in Houston and Falcon fans clearly like the same dating app, namely Vancouver, Canada’s PlentyofFish. Patriots fans are much more likely to search for their next date on their number one app, Tinder. However, given the many choices Houston’s women have swiped left; Tinder is only the 4th most popular dating app in the city. Zoosk is also popular in Houston but not in Atlanta. So there’s your chance Pats fans!  

This also presents a good opportunity to weed out the fans from the “other side”. Falcons fans should stay on PlentyofFish to meet fellow fans and locals. To avoid a potentially challenging long distance relationship, Patriots fans can keep swiping right on Tinder to meet New Englanders in Texas.  

We reached out to PlentyofFish and Kate MacLean, Public Relations Coordinator told us: “We can’t think of a better excuse for PlentyOfFish users to strike up a conversation with fellow football fans, than Super Bowl Sunday! Sharing a mutual admiration for the game will immediately break the ice and may even score you a date in time for Valentine’s Day.”  

There you have it, a bit of unconventional dating advice from your friendly neighborhood data science team at Personagraph.  We’re here to help you make your passes forward even when you are penalized for having too many men on the field.  You still might draw someone offside! Omaha! Omaha!  

Looks like there’ll be plenty of scoring in Houston this weekend.  

Enjoy the game!


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