Personagraph speaks on "Mobile Data in Video Brand Advertising" during Advertising Week

During Advertising Week at the OMMA Video Programmatic event, Product Evangelist, Beth Kindig, and VP of Sales, Chris Verzello, presented  a 3-point solution for brands to reach their audience in the open app ecosystem and at scale.

Watch full presentation on “Mobile Data in Video Brand Advertising”:

“I want to challenge you to reach your audience on mobile,” Kindig began, and then went on to ask advertisers and brands in-attendance if their goal was to reach audiences such as tech enthusiasts, new moms, milliennials, retail shoppers or auto enthusiasts? 

This was the first step in the 3-point solution presented: build audience segments. During the presentation, it was stated that the earliest adopters of audience segments include auto makers, big box retailers, consumer-packaged goods, quick service restaurants and beauty brands. The segments most requested include tech enthusiasts at 49%, ethnic groups, fast food consumers and auto intenders.

The second step she presented was to apply those segments to mobile video ads exclusively.
“Apps are much more transactional than previously estimated,” Kindig pointed out. “They favor messages and video, not standard display advertisements.” Later, she provided statistics on impressive mobile conversion rates when targeted audiences are reached with measurable campaigns. Highlights such as 86% of consumers reporting they are likely to discover new products and brands on their mobile device and an 80% increase of in-store visits the first day an ad is viewed compared to average store visits supported her claim.

Step three of the solution for brands was to converge data at the programmatic level. In other words, to trade inventory in an automatic marketplace is good, but to do so with data and audience segments in real-time is the holy grail for any brand who wants to reach people in-app and on the go. 

“For a brand to succeed in mobile, they must look beyond just one social platform,” Kindig explained. “They must reach their audiences in-app, where they spend their time.” In 2014, Tech Crunch reported consumers spent 86% of their time in-app as opposed to the mobile web. 

Towards the conclusion of the presentation, Verzello was asked about the recent ad blocking software by Apple. Steve from MediaPost asked, “What do you see from the arrival of iOS 9 and how does it impact what you do [at Personagraph]?” Verzello answered, “Android is still the work horse of the mobile ecosystem and it’s not as impacted.” Verzello went on to explain further, “We don’t see this as a disruption. When ad blocking came onto desktop there was a lot of noise in the industry and it didn’t have much effect.”

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