Personagraph’s Sanjiv Jha Top Chief Architect in India 2015

Sanjiv Jha, VP of Engineering and Chief Architect at Personagraph, received the prestigious new prize of Top Chief Architect in India, awarded by iCMG. This recognition is the first of its kind in India, as it evaluates a Chief Architect’s ability to use architecture practice for preparing organizations for rapid change, support growth initiatives and influence capabilities that serve as business differentiators.

The award trophy was presented at this year’s Global Architecture World Summit in Bangalore, India, which was held on September 8-9th, 2015.

The evaluation process takes place in 4 steps and is judged by a jury of industry veterans, including the inventor of Enterprise Architecture John Zachman.

According to iCMG, Sanjiv was chosen because the jury felt that he is a “true representative of the new way of thinking and effective decision making”.

“For me, this award represents a shift for technical awards to now include and recognize data scientists and data architects, as data will become an integral part in the implementation of technology as we move into the future. The last few years especially have been seismic for developing big data analytics solutions in the digital advertisement industry.” -Sanjiv Jha

We strive for excellence at Personagraph and we’re thrilled to have a team of world class professionals leading our organization. We congratulate Sanjiv with his accomplishments and are happy to have him on board!