Spotlight on Mobile Advertising: The Future of Creatives

The task of placing the right message in front of the right audience is becoming a more pressing need for brands. Reaching the correct people is one thing; what to say is something entirely different. For example, if you are an automobile manufacturer, do you target the audience with a message for a family-style minivan ad or a 2-door fuel-efficient vehicle best suited for commuters?


Mobile is a well-situated medium to facilitate a more opportune and accurate ad moment. Core signals within the device create data points determined by a user’s device and environment, which can inform ad creatives for precision targeting. This is causing some agencies to spend their budgets on a smaller audience with more pinpoint accuracy, coupled with alternating ad creatives, rather than spending on a broad swath of media buying. 



Examples of core signals for contextualized messaging are platform, device type, time, location, weather, and publisher. If the core signals do not meet certain conditions based on the advertiser’s desired outcome, then the default ad type is shown. When used with accurate data segments, some have experienced outstanding results due to optimized creatives, reporting very high click-through rates (up to 100% CTR).



This quarter we cover mobile ad spend, which will see 430% growth between 2013 and 2016, and whether the current ad-tech ecoystem can keep up with this growth. Click here to download now.


From a technology standpoint, the advertisement is broken apart into individual pieces. Each dynamic element can be tailored with one of the signals with the data being passed by the DSP through a query string. Proponents of focusing more on ad creatives predict we will see up to 400 permutations of an ad delivering utilization for very narrow targeting. The advantage of multiple creatives is to avoid collecting big data sets, meanwhile serving the same creative to all audience segments, and thereby losing the effectiveness of the insights being collected. 


In 2015, a data platform equipped for mobile is essential for your company to succeed. If you would like to learn more about how Personagraph can help you effectively reach your audience and meet advertising KPIs, please contact us at: for a demo.