Intertrust and Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Announce Personagraph Data Partnership

Sunnyvale, CA — August 16, 2017Intertrust Technologies today announced a data-sharing partnership with Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (Comtech) centered around Personagraph, Intertrust’s secure consumer data platform. Under the terms of the partnership, Comtech will use Personagraph to provide access to its rich sets of mobile consumer location data. Both companies will work together to create holistic audience identities, omni-channel device graphs, enhanced customer profiles, and audience intelligence.

The Personagraph platform applies Intertrust’s trusted data platform to sensitive customer data. With this partnership, Intertrust and Comtech can safely on-board and map digital IDs to both CRM data and log files. Using this solution, clients can create holistic views of their audiences, linking user identity across channels and across devices. Off-line and on-line data can now be linked automatically through this unique platform as a service solution.

“Personagraph helps our customers enhance their audience intelligence in near real time, while securely managing the complex privacy rights associated with this data,” said Mandar Shinde, Intertrust’s general manager for Personagraph. “Comtech has one of the world’s most incisive data sets, and our partnership allows us to break down the silos that exist between digital on-line data and CRM information at an unprecedented scale.”

“Personagraph delivers the ideal balance between risk management and monetization, and we plan to use them to make our data available for use by downstream customers,” said Jay Whitehurst, President of Comtech’s Commercial Solutions Segment Enterprise Technologies Group. “Using Personagraph’s advanced security features and rapid data processing capabilities, we can bridge between the managing privacy and enterprise rights and data monetization in a very efficient fashion.”

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