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Personagraph 2017 Targeted Video Advertising White Paper

Personagraph 2017 Targeted Video Advertising White Paper

2017 Targeted Video Advertising White Paper

1. Introduction

Targeted video advertising in-app is the “holy grail” for businesses and enterprises taking advantage of mobile platform. However, not all data collection is the same.

2. Digital Ad Spend

Digital ad spend grew 17% to $178 billion last year with mobile claiming 72% 
of digital ad spend by 2020. Cross-device marketing is on the rise to support 
this growth.

3. Video Advertising

Video advertising has seen an 85% increase from two years ago. Programmatic video accounts for 41% of all digital video dollars, representing a 58% growth over the last 2 years.

4. Addressable Media

83% of media buyers report superior performance with addressable media including higher engagement from each ad dollar. 25% of media buyers said addressable media account for over half of total digital ad spend.

5. Intertrust’s Data Platform and Programmatic Marketplace

The campaigns Personagraph runs are powered by a powerful cooperative data management platform.

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