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Intertrust Time Series Database

A modern, fully managed, high performance, horizontally scalable, and cost-efficient time series database.

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The Intertrust Platform

Connect everything, build anything. Securely and efficiently manage data and devices at scale.

Multi-tiered and cost-efficient

The Intertrust Time Series Database supports fast, low-latency access to recent data and cost-effective storage of historical data. Low-latency data is stored in a high performance key-value store, while longer-term data is stored in a more cost-optimized object storage system. Queries can be performed seamlessly across storage types.

Handle both small interactive queries and huge analytical queries via the same system? Check.

Petabyte-range data support? Check.

100M+ parallel device investigations, at an ingestion rate of 100K messages per second? Check, check, and check.

Secure, scalable, and efficient access to your time-stamped data

Store and access your IoT, sensor, ML-generated, or other time-relevant data in real time.

Automatically multi-tiering

  • Configures fast, low-latency access to recent data.
  • Configures cost-effective storage of historical data.
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Data ingestion and extraction

  • Supports both streaming and batch data from very large data sources in parallel.
  • Allows flexible subdivision of data into chunks for efficient querying across a large variety of sources.
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  • Makes multiple copies of the data, each optimized for a specific type of query.
  • Supports efficient, versatile data access patterns.
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Fine-grained governance

  • Configure row- and column-level access controls.
  • Enforce all requests for data via permissions set by the data owner.
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Empowering your data-driven business

The Intertrust data exchange platform enables secure data usage across silos and easy collaboration with partners, customers, and other internal or external stakeholders.

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Empowering your data-driven business

Intertrust Time Series Database

Some examples of time series data powered by the Intertrust Time Series Database include application performance monitoring (APM) software tools, sensor data from IoT devices, financial market data, and security applications.

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Wind energy

Offering next-generation data management to help optimize on-shore and off-shore wind farm operations, Intertrust Powerboard™ is a robust data intelligence solution that blends, analyzes, and visualizes real-time time series and other data.

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Home IoT

Livisi has partnered with Intertrust to develop new cross-industry smart services. The Intertrust Time Series Database provides a performant and scalable framework for Livisi’s SmartHome Platform, a trusted IoT data exchange ecosystem for more than 60,000 customers.

Monitoring real-time data to optimize operations

RWE Renewables partnered with Intertrust to boost power outputs, raise efficiencies, and reduce costs at its offshore UK wind farms.

Case study: RWE Renewables

Increased profitability and safety

Improved operational efficiencies

Gained visualizations with interactive analyses

Boosted competitive position

RWE Renewables logo

"Powerboard is a best-in-class program that's allowing us to improve the various operational and systems aspects of our offshore businesses."

Justin Grimwade,

Business Information Manager, RWE Renewables

Ready to optimize your database management processes?

The Intertrust Time Series Database is specifically built for organizations requiring a fully managed, cost-efficient, scalable, compressed, time series database.

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