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Protect your apps, protect your keys, protect your business

whiteCryption protects keys and shields your applications from tampering and reverse-engineering so they run securely in zero-trust environments.

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How secure are today’s mHealth apps?

With the surge in remote healthcare under COVID-19, we analyzed 100 mHealth apps to find their top security gaps.

Application protection for a zero-trust world

Modern applications run in unknown environments, where security may be insufficient or compromised, leaving your software vulnerable to attack. whiteCryption embeds protections within your applications so they remain secure no matter where they’re deployed, keeping your intellectual property, secrets, and data safe.

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Run apps securely wherever they go

With whiteCryption, reduce risk, prevent financial loss, and protect your business, brand, and IP.

Make your apps self-defending

whiteCryption Code Protection secures your applications from tampering and reverse-engineering, safeguarding valuable IP, data, and your users. Detect code alterations, guard against both static and dynamic analysis, and prevent hacking. Best of all, you set it up once and leave it alone, as simple as that.

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Keep your keys safe

whiteCryption Secure Key Box protects cryptographic keys in sensitive applications using state-of-the-art white-box cryptography. Prevent hackers from using either static or dynamic methods to extract and exploit keys. Your keys always stay encoded, even when in use. Supports all major ciphers and cryptographic functions.

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Platform agnostic
application protection

whiteCryption’s application security solutions support Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms—along with embedded systems, set-top boxes, connected-cars, medical devices, and mobile finance solutions. If you run native code on it, we can support it.

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Meet compliance requirements

Compliance issues can incur fines and delay time to market. whiteCryption application shielding and key protections help you meet and exceed regulations without adding to development time.

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Shield your application
from attack

Are you doing all you can to protect your software from attacks? Most applications fail basic security tests, leaving entry points for hackers to steal IP and sensitive data, obtain cryptographic keys, or hijack the application for malicious purposes.

Learn application protection techniques and strategies in our application hardening best practices guide.

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whiteCryption in action

Learn how our advanced application protection technologies keep software secure in companies like yours.

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Financial services

Protect finance, banking, payment, and mPOS apps from a broad array of attacks, including code analysis and tampering, malware injection and discovery of crypto keys.

Healthcare icon


Secure medical apps and keys from attack, protect intellectual property and patient data, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Automotive icon


Secure automotive services applications, secret keys, and sensitive data stored inside those applications.

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Media and entertainment

Secure content delivery apps and services from attack to protect content provider IP, reduce risk of disruption, and safeguard private data.

Secure financial apps without compromising time to market

Felix Payments gains competitive advantage by protecting its innovative mobile point-of-sale apps with whiteCryption.

Felix Payments

Secure the payment system from reverse engineering and tampering

Ensure encryption keys are protected at all times

Meet and exceed card brand and PCI security guidelines and compliance

Protect cloud platform as well as mobile client

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Industry-leading solutions for application protection and encryption key security

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Protect your apps

whiteCryption Code Protection provides enterprise-grade in-app protection, including advanced obfuscation, anti-tamper technologies, integrity checks, and runtime application self-protection (RASP).

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Protect your keys

whiteCryption Secure Key Box delivers advanced white-box cryptography to ensure secrets and keys remain protected at all times, even when they are being used. Available for both native and web applications, as well as for protecting TLS keys.

Why whiteCryption

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Strongest app and key protection

Industry-leading application shielding and white-box cryptography reduce risk and keep your code and encryption keys safe at all times.

Easy to use icon

Easy to use

Sets up quickly and works within your existing build process so app security is applied automatically while key protection is drop-in and go.

Widest platform support icon

Widest platform support

Support across all major operating systems and languages, including embedded systems.

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Security expertise validated in lab and field

whiteCryption solutions protect the code and keys in millions of installed apps globally and undergo regular independent security testing.

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