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Code Protection

whiteCryption Code Protection provides advanced application protection, including obfuscation and anti-tamper technologies–all critical necessities in today’s business environment.

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Secure your Applications with whiteCryption® Code Protection™

Sharing, storing and handling data in new ways requires powerful application security solutions.

With whiteCryption Code Protection, your application becomes a self-contained, self-defending app. Secrets and IP can be secured, business models protected and the life cycles of applications prolonged.

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Detect & Respond

Without effective security mechanisms, hackers can modify your applications, either during runtime or in storage.

Once integrated, Code Protection detects whether your application has been modified and enables the application to defend itself and respond to the attack.

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Integrity Checkers Keep Hackers in Check

whiteCryption Code Protection delivers application protection by automatically inserting thousands of overlapping integrity checkers into your source code. Each checker monitors a particular range of the binary. They are hard to detect and very time consuming to remove, thus making life difficult for hackers with bad intent.

If an application is modified, the embedded checksums no longer match the binary footprint, and the application can defend itself by terminating the execution or by executing a custom defense function.

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Protection from Reverse Engineering

Code Protection provides source-level protection through obfuscation that transforms the original code so it is hard to understand and reverse engineer.

This stops hackers from understanding how the internal algorithms work, discovering sensitive and secret information, or pinpointing vulnerabilities.

In addition, the solution provides runtime protection by embedding active detection for debuggers, stopping hackers from performing real-time analysis and reverse engineering your applications.

A comprehensive solution for hardening software applications


  • Comprehensive Integrity Protection: Prevents attackers from making any modifications to the application code by inserting overlapping code checksum checkers and signatures that are verified during runtime.
  • Third-Party Libraries Protected: Integrity protection is applied to third party libraries as well as your code, securing the whole application.
  • Patented Code Obfuscation: Removes code structures that would be familiar to reverse engineers, and makes the code appear obscure while keeping functionality the same.
  • Protection From Debuggers: Inserts numerous runtime checks into your protected application that identify the presence of a debugger on the device, and protect the application if one is detected.
  • Easy to use: Code Protection can be easily embedded into the application and integrated into your current build chain. This ensures protection is applied automatically at each build, without any manual intervention.
  • Code Protection Profiling: Code protection provides a sophisticated profiling tool to automatically analyze your application and suggest where protection should best be applied.
  • Jailbreak and rooting detection. Prevents the application from running on jailbroken and rooted devices by employing a number of smart detection checks inserted into the code.
  • Each Build is Diversified: Protects software against Break One Run Everywhere (BORE) attacks by ensuring every protected application is different.
  • Customizable Defense Actions: Enables you to configure your protected applications to execute custom callback functions when particular threats are detected.


  • Development platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows
  • Target platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, tvOS
  • Supported languages: Android Java, Desktop/Server Java, Kotlin for Android, C, C++, Objective-C, Swift