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whiteCryption® Code Protection™

Secure applications anywhere with enterprise-grade obfuscation and tamper defense.

whiteCryption® Code Protection™

Application hardening best practices guide

You can’t eliminate every software vulnerability but you can make them harder to exploit. Learn techniques and strategies to shield your applications from attacks.

Make your software self-defending

Applications are the point where businesses, customers, and data all come together. This makes them a prime attack target and source of risk for both organizations and users

whiteCryption Code Protection arms your software with advanced proactive security technology. Detect and prevent code alterations, guard against static and dynamic analysis, and actively stop hacking. Your data and intellectual property stay secret, software integrity is preserved, and the lifecycle of applications prolonged.

Make your software self-defending

Secure your secrets, protect valuable IP, and keep your business and users safe

With whiteCryption Code Protection, build applications that empower your business and customers without becoming a security liability.

Protect your applications and data

  • Thwart reverse engineering with powerful, multi-layered code obfuscation
  • Prevent static and dynamic analysis
  • Defend against intrusion, malware, and data exfiltration
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Detect and respond to threats

  • Detect hostile environments, such as jailbroken or rooted devices, debugging tools, emulators, and other risks
  • Inject patented anti-tamper technology and integrity protection for your source code and third-party libraries
  • Execute real-time, customizable defense actions in response to discovered threats
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Comply with regulations

  • Meet security requirements in healthcare, financial services, and other strictly regulated industries
  • Protect data as required by GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy laws
  • Minimize approval and testing timelines
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Simplify your application security

  • Reduce development time and resources with best-in-class protection
  • Easily integrate with your existing build cycle, no specialist security knowledge required
  • Maintain application performance and minimize memory impact
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Build compliant tap to phone apps

When it comes to building a tap to phone app, the regulatory hurdles around mPOS can be overwhelming. Learn about some of the specific requirements under PCI CPoC and how whiteCryption solutions help you comply.

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Build compliant tap to phone apps

Protect patient safety and data while safeguarding your IP and business

A major health technology and pharmaceutical manufacturer builds security into its IoMT apps.

Case study: major health tech firm

Secure proprietary algorithms and data in a heterogeneous environment

Ensure encryption keys are protected at all times

Comply with regulations governing personal and medical data globally

Embed strong protection without impacting software development process

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Why whiteCryption Code Protection

Powerful code obfuscation icon

Powerful code obfuscation

Apply patented source code level obfuscation including sophisticated control flow transformation, string and metadata encryption, and other obfuscation techniques.

Advanced anti-tamper defense icon

Advanced anti-tamper defense

Embed robust tamper detection mechanisms and automated defense response to prevent any attempts at altering or inserting malware into your code.

Accelerate time to market icon

Accelerate time to market

Bring highly secure, standards-compliant applications to market more quickly. Get fully automated protection that slots into your existing build cycle with minimal changes to the original source code.

Quick, seamless integration icon

Quick, seamless integration

Easily incorporate security from the beginning of the SDLC without adding to development time or resources.

Widest platform support icon

Widest platform support

Protect native, hybrid, and embedded apps across platforms, devices, and languages. Code Protection covers Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, tvOS, QNX, and others.

Proven technology backed by experts icon

Proven technology backed by experts

Intertrust’s deep software protection expertise guides every step of your deployment. Code Protection secures millions of installed applications globally and undergoes regular independent security testing.

Applications are your
first line of defense

Operating systems and traditional security tools can’t keep up with hackers’ ever-changing tactics. Code Protection turns your software into a self-contained, self-defending application so it can operate securely in any environment.

Applications are your <br>first line of defense

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Keep secrets and keys safe Icon

Keep secrets and keys safe

whiteCryption Secure Key Box delivers advanced white-box cryptography to ensure secrets and keys remain protected at all times, even when they are being used. Available for both native and web applications/SDKs, as well as for protecting TLS keys.

Secure IoT devices with PKI Icon

Secure IoT devices with PKI

Intertrust Seacert provides cryptographically secure device identities so IoT devices can interact within secure ecosystems. Seacert is both WebTrust compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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