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whiteCryption, an Intertrust Controlled Subsidiary, is the world’s leading provider of advanced application shielding and software tamper resistance technologies. Founded in 2008 by German mathematician and computer scientist Wulf Harder and his partners, whiteCryption pioneered some of the world’s most sophisticated algorithms for white box cryptography. Intertrust acquired majority control of whiteCryption in 2011 and grew the company and extended the product line to include advanced code protection solutions.

Today, whiteCryption is used across markets, by auto makers, health instrument companies and banks to protect mission critical applications where hacking is not tolerated.

Named after the Baltic Sea (“the White Sea” in Latvian) and to resonate with the concept of white box cryptography, a technology we mastered, the company’s scientists in Silicon Valley and Riga continue to push the envelope in application shielding to protect against existing and new threats.