Code Protection


Defend when hackers strike.

We offer the highest quality protection, application hardening, and obfuscation which are critical to do business today.

Sharing, storing, and handling data in new ways require powerful application security solutions. Our patented algorithms, automated performance tuning, and ease-of-use are second to none.

Why do you need Code Protection?

Hackers can attack or reverse engineer apps in a matter of days, hurting your profitability and reputation, and threatening your customers’ safety.

Our patented algorithms use sophisticated obfuscation techniques and embed platform-specific anti-debugging and anti-piracy code in your source code.

We also provide Integrity Protection, a set of measures to prevent application code from being modified, allowing for smart and self-defending applications. If your application’s code detects that it has been modified, it will react to the attack.

Our Code Protection product creates integrity protection by automatically inserting thousands of overlapping integrity checkers into your source code. Each checker monitors the code, overlaps with others, and validates that nothing changes.

If it senses a hacker’s presence, it will defend itself by terminating the execution or running a callback. Because checkers protect each other and do not have a uniform appearance, they are hard to detect and very time consuming to remove.

Hackers cannot implement a step-by-step removal of the applied security techniques. To succeed, they must crack the entire protection regime at once, which is an extremely difficult and time consuming task.

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