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whiteCryption® Code Protection™

whiteCryption Code Protection offers the highest quality protection, application hardening, and obfuscation – critical necessities in today’s business environment.

code protection

Secure your enterprise with 

Code Protection™

Sharing, storing and handling data in new ways requires powerful application security solutions.

With whiteCryption Code Protection, your application becomes a self-contained, self-defending fortress. There is no need to rely on external security providers. Secrets can be secured, business models protected and the life cycles of applications prolonged.

Detect & Respond

Hackers usually modify the code, either in memory or on a storage medium, to circumvent code protection mechanisms.

Code Protection detects whether your application has been modified and enables the application to respond to the attack.

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Integrity checkers keep hackers in check

whiteCryption Code Protection ensures integrity protection by automatically inserting thousands of overlapping integrity checkers into your source code. Each checker monitors a particular range of the binary.

If an application is modified, the embedded checksums no longer match the binary footprint, and the application can defend itself by terminating the execution.

Nearly impossible to hack

Because our integrity checkers protect each other and do not have a uniform appearance, they are hard to detect and very time consuming to remove.

Hackers cannot implement a step-by-step removal of the applied security techniques. To succeed, they must crack the entire protection regime at once, which is an extremely difficult and time consuming task.

code protection hacker check integrity check

A comprehensive solution for hardening software applications


Integrity protection against tampering, including third-party static libraries.

Code obfuscation through patented algorithms, making execution now difficult to analyze.

Protection against mainstream debuggers, preventing dynamic analysis of binary code at run-time.

Anti-piracy features, guaranteeing an application is running only on valid devices by licensed users.

Executable code stored in encrypted form; decrypted only at run-time (Windows only).

Shared libraries protected against replacing and tampering.

Customizable defense action for detected threats.


  • Tamper Resistance
  • Self-defending code
  • Code obfuscation
  • Anti-debugging
  • Profiling
  • Code marking
  • Diversification
  • Cross-checking of shared libraries
  • Customizable defense actions


Development platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows

Target platforms: Desktop: Linux, macOS, Windows
Mobile: Android, iOS

Supported languages: Android Java, C, C++, Objective-C, Swift

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