Secure Key Box


SKB: White-box Cryptography hides cryptographic keys.

Why Secure Key Box?

Cryptographic libraries use keys that exist in the clear in code or in memory. Hackers can monitor devices with special analysis tools and steal these keys. Without dedicated key protection, security features are at risk of being broken, and the applications they protect can be exploited.

Secure Key Box (SKB) provides a library specifically designed to protect cryptographic keys in software. Cryptographic operations can be performed without the key EVER being in the clear in code or memory.

A powerful C/C++/Java library, SKB implements an API, and provides an extensive set of high-level classes and methods for operating with the most popular cryptographic algorithms including data encryption/decryption and digital signature verification, enabling higher level functionality such as Diffie Hellman key exchange and TLS. Unlike other vendors, we provide the ability to dynamically wrap and unwrap cryptographic keys.

whitecryption FIPS 140-2 Android

A cryptographic library that implements standard cryptographic algorithms (i.e. AES, RSA, ECC).

Intended for any security system that employs cryptographic algorithms and keys executed in an open or untrusted environment.

Intended to replace sensitive algorithms in a standard cryptographic module.

The Secure Key Box JCA is a drag-and-drop replacement for Java code.

Data Diversification

Stay safe: Data diversification is accomplished with unique values embedded in the code of every Secure Key Box package. These values encrypt data leaving Secure Key Box, and decrypts data imported back into Secure Key Box. Therefore, only those Secure Key Box instances that have the same unique value can exchange secret data.

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