PG Axis™ Programmatic Advertising

Private market place for brands and advertisers to display branded video content


PG Axis™ 
Programmatic Advertising

PG Axis is a private market place (PMP) which enables precision advertising to reach comScore Audience segments.


  • Videos reach the right audience: relevance replaces nonsense
  • Pre-validated segments give confidence to marketers
  • Mobile App inventory can finally be premium inventory
  • Audience intelligence provided with every impression
  • Publishers now have a scalable solution to discover the value in their audiences

PG Axis fits into the existing ecosystem seamlessly and is easy to use

Marketers can now reach their audiences on mobile apps using the familiar infrastructure, measurement, and techniques they now use for desktops and TV display and video ads.

easy to use

Pre-Bid Targeted Audiences

Audiences are pre-qualified in pre-bid auctions via our SDK or from the shared insights collected from more than 1B+ users worldwide. This validation process makes advertising more efficient and more precise.


Third-Party Validation

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PG Axis works with comScore vCE for both in-target measurement and viewability measurement

Our audience segments are 100% validated pre-bid

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Our audience segements score well on Nielsen mDAR


PG Axis supports viewability measurements via the PGSDK, as well as comScore’s SDK when available. Using these solutions, the advertiser can see how adds were viewed in a mobile app and if the “view” met IAB standards (e.g. 505 in view for more than 2 consecutive seconds).

Our product’s integration with comScore vCE allows advertisers to measure both “in-target” and “in-view” for video ads on mobile apps.


Personagraph SDK – One SDK for Publishers

PG SDK provides a unified codebase to collect data on apps and websites, ad-serving, and a Viewability solution for in-app developers.

PG SDK for iOS, Android, and Web

PG Edge and PG Axis integrates the entire Advertising Lumascape into a single piece of code. This means that developers and publishers have less partners to worry about and can focus their attention on product and audience.

Data collection, data mediation, video + display ad serving, and Viewability are provided along with comScore vCE US scoring. It’s all in there.

Pricing: Free version of the SDK deals with user generated data mined from on-device and in-app behaviors. Paid versions, draw in 2nd and 3rd party data sources.

With an integrated SDK, JS-tag approach developers can cut out most of the Lumascape. The SDK is a single solution for comprehensive data-management and monetization.



One time install, testing, and permissioned to ensure consumer opt-in

data collection

Data Collection

Fully optimized data collection built in for both iOS and Android platforms

Video Serving

Video Serving

SDK supports VAST2.0 based Ad Serving, and will be automatically upgraded as market evolves


Viewability Support

SDK supports Viewability for VAST 2.0 and above specification Ads

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