PG Edge™ Data Management Platform

It’s the most trusted data management platform (DMP) that securely manages audience data.


PG Edge™
Data Platform

PG Edge is a trusted data management platform (DMP) that pairs advanced artificial intelligence capabilities with security and rights management.


  • 1.5 billion known unique devices
  • Machine Learning paired with authentication is powerful
  • Device Graphs – omni-channel audience intelligence
  • Segmenting – in real time
  • Available as a white-label product

Mobile first data management platform

The family room television, a shared PC, or a mobile phone. Where is your audience most likely to reveal their truest self and interests?

Personagraph is mobile first because we want to provide the best audience intelligence. We use machine learning to understanding context and behaviors on devices and combine that with major data sources (e.g. the US Census, or other open APIs). The result is a very accurate picture which makes advertising more precise.

Importantly, branded video content becomes relevant. Audience members actually watch the videos!

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What makes our data so powerful?

We build audience graphs that pull from many sources and pair that with deep understanding of context and behavior.


It’s a mobile solution. But it’s also an omni-channel solution. We recognize your user no matter the device. Critically, we do this securely across a trusted platform and user data remains private and protected.

Personagraph SDK – One SDK for Publishers

PG SDK provides a unified codebase to collect data on apps and websites, ad-serving, and a Viewability solution for in-app developers.

PG SDK for iOS, Android, and Web

PG Edge and PG Axis integrates the entire Advertising Lumascape into a single piece of code. This means that developers and publishers have less partners to worry about and can focus their attention on product and audience.

Data collection, data mediation, video + display ad serving, and Viewability are provided along with scoring. It’s all in there.

Pricing: Free version of the SDK deals with user generated data mined from on-device and in-app behaviors. Paid versions, draw in 2nd and 3rd party data sources.

With an integrated SDK, JS-tag approach developers can cut out most of the Lumascape. The SDK is a single solution for comprehensive data-management and monetization.



One time install, testing, and permissioned to ensure consumer opt-in

data collection

Data Collection

Fully optimized data collection built in for both iOS and Android platforms

Video Serving

Video Serving

SDK supports VAST2.0 based Ad Serving, and will be automatically upgraded as market evolves


Viewability Support

SDK supports Viewability for VAST 2.0 and above specification Ads

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