ExpressPlay Ads™

Personalized TV ads for the programmatic era

ExpressPlay Ads™ offers broadcasters unprecedented control over their audiences. By combining our industry-leading DRM solution with breakthrough dynamic ad insertion, our platform allows for personalized, verified, and secure ad targeting capabilities.

Bringing desktop precision to television advertising

Broadcast solutions have not kept pace with innovations in digital media. Personalized TV ads remain a rarity, meaning that advertisers get limited ROI on TV ads.

Our platform changes this by letting broadcasters dynamically insert ads — pairing brands with their audiences.


Dynamic Ad Insertion

Seamless streams on any screen

With client-side (CSAI) and server-side (SSAI) ad insertion, provide your viewers a seamless TV-like experience whether its on mobile, browser, or OTT video. Insert ads in any content, including VOD content, live streams, linear, and Catch-up TV.

Intelligent Personalization

Unlock the true value of your ad inventory

With billions of users profiled worldwide, Ads™ enables advertisers to leverage deep audience insights for nuanced ad targeting.

By creating more valuable fine-grained audience segments, broadcasters can benefit from higher CPMs and an improved viewer experience.



Serve ads with certainty

Most broadcasters today are limited to statistical methods to assess the effectiveness of their TV ads — no one today really knows if an ad has been viewed.

ExpressPlay’s DRM tokens help advertisers ascertain that an ad was seen by the right person, increasing the value of broadcaster inventory.

Ad-blocker neutralization

Make every Play count

Our server-side video ad technology ensures that your content and ads are stitched (in real-time) into a seamless video stream. This allows for a more consistent viewer experience (and less buffering), while ensuring that each ad is actually delivered.

Audience Profiling

Meet your audiences

Combine the power of Ads™ with ExpressPlay Audience™, our data management platform (DMP) for broadcast audiences.

Audience enables broadcasters to onboard and manage audience data, and to learn more about their users by co-mingling their data with billions of device IDs collected worldwide.


ExpressPlay Ads creates new long-tail opportunities for overlooked and under-valued TV content. We can help you monetize content no matter how small or cultish the audience.

Targeted Profiles

We have innovated holistic audience intelligence that completes the circle. Brands, Content Owners, and Video Distributors can build audience profiles and omni-channel graphs based on user behaviors across platforms.


We apply the same security technology that you use to protect valuable content to protecting your consumer’s data while allowing you to analyze and monetize it.


This solution wins the confidence and trust of advertisers because the DRM tokens prove that an ad impression was seen. Advertisers gain certainty.


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