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Anti-piracy services for media and entertainment

Forensic watermarking, web monitoring and piracy take-down support for premium live and on-demand streaming services

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Live streaming piracy—what’s at stake?

The stakes are high—but just how high? Download this paper now to find out.

ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy and Watermarking

ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy and Watermarking service incorporates content protection that features web piracy monitoring and legal enforcement for linear, live, and VOD content. The approach combines online piracy monitoring using fingerprinting with a watermarking technology that supports fast extraction of payloads in illegally redistributed content. ExpressPlay Watermarking enables a holistic live and on-demand content protection that allows watermarking-related applications to be managed together with ExpressPlay multi-DRM service. ExpressPlay Watermarking fulfills the requirements of MovieLabs’ Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) specification.

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Multiplatform Content Protection Partners

ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy and Watermarking offers a choice of payload insertion points in the media flow. Intertrust has partnered with best-of-breed suppliers to extend the multiplatform and end-to-end security envelope beyond DRM:

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The client-composited watermarking option is powered by Friend MTS. This solution combines content monitoring and legal enforcement with high-performance watermarking.

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The server-side watermarking option is powered by ContentArmor. This solution embeds watermarks directly in the encoded and encrypted video bitstream before distribution.

Comprehensive anti-piracy service

The anti-piracy service combines content monitoring and legal enforcement with high-performance watermarking, powered by Friend MTS. The monitoring operates at massive scale, protecting linear channels, live events and VOD content, and offers the ability to disable live streaming redistribution rapidly.

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Client-composited watermarking

The Friend MTS Advanced Subscriber ID (ASiD) service combines content monitoring with watermarking. The service secures live sports streaming through fast payload extraction to identify content restreaming culprits. The managed service is both effective and convenient for operators.

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Server-side watermarking option

Server-side watermarking processing is minimized at points of insertion through a two-tiered processing architecture. It supports multiple watermarking profiles that adjust distortion to suit the type of content and security requirements per stream, and meets MovieLabs’ ECP specifications.

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A comprehensive solution to battle live streaming piracy

The OTT industry’s landmark shift to live streaming has spawned a wave in online piracy that requires new approaches to protecting content. In this paper we define the content protection needs for the live streaming era, including streamlining of multi-DRM operations while minimizing latency, together with live-optimized anti-piracy and watermarking services.

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Anti-piracy partner solutions for the real world

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Comprehensive monitoring and web crawling powered by Friend MTS

The right approach for identifying pirated media relies on web crawling tools together with digital fingerprinting technology, enabling automatic content recognition to identify licensed content distributed by an unlicensed source. The monitoring service supports enforcement by sending automated and repeated take-down notices to pirate sites and re-streamers.

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Client-composited watermarking powered by Friend MTS

ExpressPlay Anti-Piracy and Watermarking (powered by Friend MTS) offers an optimized Advanced Subscriber ID (ASiD) service for live streaming. This client-composited solution combines high-performance watermarking and digital fingerprinting with automated content monitoring and legal enforcement. It is the most widely used watermarking solution globally, especially to protect live sports – it quickly identifies and disables illicit re-streamers.

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Server-side watermarking powered by Content Armor

ExpressPlay Watermarking (powered by Content Armor) is a comprehensive, fully managed, session-based watermarking solution for VOD. The solution uses a technique known as A/B switching, where two watermarked versions of the original content are interleaved to create a unique content manifest. No special player or client is required

How To Trust Your Player: Building an OTT Service for Today’s World

Launching an OTT service is costly, resource-intensive, and complex. This series covers how to secure the delivery of OTT service content from origination through to the end user via browser-based players.

How To Trust Your Player: Building an OTT Service for Today’s World

Related products

ExpressPlay DRM icon

ExpressPlay DRM

The only cloud-based multi-DRM service that supports all major DRMs while scaling to protect millions of concurrent viewers for major live events with a cost-effective, low latency and global solution.

product features:

Rapid scaling to largest audiences

Proven in the world’s largest live sports streaming platform

Studio-trusted content security

Facilitates licensing of UHD and premium content

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Reduces CAPEX and OPEX through cloud-based multi-DRM service

ExpressPlay XCA icon

ExpressPlay XCA

Cloud-based service for protecting broadcast content leveraging open-standard Marlin DRM. Pay-TV operators and broadcasters deliver premium/UHD content directly to smart TVs without STBs or external security hardware thereby reducing TCO.

product features:

Leveraging industry standards

Compatible with DVB, HbbTV, and open-standard Marlin DRM

No STBs or external security hardware required

XCA client pre-integration in chipsets and smart TVs reduces TCO

Fast time-to-market

Client embedded in Sony, HiSense and Vestel smart TVs (150+ brands)

ExpressPlay DRM Offline icon

ExpressPlay DRM Offline

Multi-DRM platform featuring the studio trusted and open-standard Marlin DRM along with Google Widevine Modular and Apple FairPlay Streaming. It is designed to secure content delivery and playback in offline environments.

product features:

Multi-DRM platform

Open-standard Marlin DRM plus Google Widevine and Apple FPS

Secure download and offline playback

Ideal for travel and hospitality applications with limited internet access

Compatible with Kiora content delivery platform

Enables turnkey end-to-end solution for premium entertainment

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How To trust Your player: Building an OTT service for today’s world

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