Catch-up TV Overview

Protect and deliver your catch-up TV and VOD content to a broad range of platforms easily and affordably using ExpressPlay catch-up TV DRM. Catch-up TV is a unique use case in that it must be recorded and protected within 24 hours or less for timely publication. Below is a diagram of a catch-up TV service setup using ExpressPlay. In many cases, the live TV episode is recorded from the broadcast and stored for encoding and encrypting, not in realtime, but within a short timeframe. This diagram describes such a setup in its basic form.

  1. ExpressPlay DRM Service

    Sign up and use the web admin to manage your account and track activity.

  2. Large Storage System

    Live TV episodes are recorded from the broadcast feed and stored for later processing. The recorded streams are split into the individual VOD assets for each episode and advertisements are replaced with new ones. The ExpressPlay Packaging Tools can be used to encode and encrypt each episode; some additional encoding tools may be necessary depending upon the format of the broadcast recording.

  3. Storefront

    When your app asks your storefront to allow playback, your storefront server retrieves a token from ExpressPlay using the REST API, then responds to the app with a token to enable playback.

  4. ExpressPlay SDK

    Add the ExpressPlay SDK to your catch-up TV app, using the SDK’s secure playback function.