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Service Admin (Legacy)

ExpressPlay Admin is a web console for easy administration of your account and service activity.

  • Dashboard
  • Tokens
  • Logs
  • Settings


The Dashboard provides an overview of your ExpressPlay account status.

  1. Activity Summary

    You can review total production token usage.

  1. Authenticator

    Your Customer Authenticator is your API key, censored to protect accidental exposure.

  1. Recent Activity Overview

    The Recent Activity monitor displays the fifty most recent transactions.


The Tokens tab allows you to create ad-hoc test and production tokens for development and integration testing.

  1. Tokens for Testing

    You can create Marlin MS3 and Marlin BB tokens one at-a-time for testing.

  1. Marlin BB Devices

    Marlin BB tokens for device registration are also available here.


The Logs tab provides a detailed history of redeemed tokens. Tokens can be filtered by Token type.

  1. Variable Pagination

    The Logs Monitor can display between ten and one hundred different entries at a time for easy viewing.

  1. Intuitive Filtering

    Token activity is split into two distinct sets: MS3 Tokens and Marlin BB Tokens.

  1. Detailed Transaction History

    Each Token transaction entry contains the transaction type, time of transaction, error code, device ID, client type, Token ID, and content ID.


The account settings section provides your account details including your current service plan.

  1. Information

    Edit the personal information associated with your account.

  1. Service Plan

    View your current plan, and abbreviated payment info.