Live Stream Video DRM Overview

Below is a diagram of a typical live streaming scenario using ExpressPlay video DRM. After signing up, setup your live encoder to encrypt your live feed in a format such as the DASH common encryption format. Most major live stream encoders should be able to support this. Your upload to CDN will need to run over a dedicated Internet connection of sufficient speed for your encoded stream in all configured bit rates. The rest of the setup is standard DASH streaming from the CDN to the device player.

  1. ExpressPlay DRM Service

    Sign up and use the web admin to manage your account and track activity.

  2. Live Encoder/Encryptor

    Configure your live encoder to encrypt your stream(s) in a compatible format such as DASH common encryption.

  3. Storefront

    When your apps ask your storefront to allow playback, your storefront server retrieves a token from ExpressPlay using the REST API, then responds to the app with the token to enable playback.

  4. ExpressPlay SDK

    Add the ExpressPlay SDK to your live TV app to handle tokens for secure playback.