Music DRM Overview

Protect and deliver your music subscription service to a broad range of platforms with ExpressPlay. Below is a diagram of a music subscription scenario using ExpressPlay. In a few simple steps, your music service can be ready for commercial launch. Note that ExpressPlay is also great for protecting audiobooks, educational and other forms of audio content services. The basic service setup remains the same.

  1. ExpressPlay DRM Service

    Sign up and use the web admin to manage your account and track activity.

  2. ExpressPlay Packaging Tools

    Use the Bento4 tools to encrypt your music content in MP4/AAC format or as a DCF file.

  3. Storefront

    When your apps ask your storefront to allow playback, your storefront server retrieves a token from ExpressPlay using the REST API, then responds to the app with the token.

  4. ExpressPlay SDK

    Add the ExpressPlay SDK to your music player app to handle ExpressPlay tokens and secure playback.