Case Study

Company: MYTF1VOD
Industry: Video On Demand (VOD)
Country: France
Founded: November, 2005
Goals: Protect and deliver VOD content to consumers in France
Challenges: Implement an efficient, robust solution for delivering premium video content with digital rights management (DRM) technology across multiple platforms.
Solution: Support open standards such as HbbTV and Marlin DRM to secure VOD content and open formats such as MPEG-DASH.

What is MYTF1VOD?

MYTF1VOD is France’s most widely distributed video on demand (VOD) service. Available through TF1’s website, ISP’s, OTT services and smart TV’s, it offers a selection of over 6.000 programs that includes top box-office movies, premium TV, stand up comedy, and kids programs. MYTF1VOD has also been the first VOD service to market premium TV programs in France through its “Live from the US” offer.

What were Its Business Needs?

MYTF1VOD was looking to implement a robust, easy-to-use video DRM solution to protect and deliver its video content for its subscribers in France. Specifically, it was looking to:

  • Be on multiple devices. Reach a wider range of devices — iOS, Android, connected TVs, game consoles (Xbox 360, Xbox one, etc.), HbbTV, chromecast.
  • Reduce encoding and storage costs from DASH to CENC
  • Offer a single service that supports both Marlin DRM and PlayReady, as they are approved by Hollywood to protect premium content due to their high level of security.

What Was Our Approach?

The ExpressPlay cloud DRM system provided MYTF1VOD with a solution for protecting MPEG-DASH video to play on iOS and Android platforms.

  1. The ExpressPlay packaging tools allowed TF1 to protect DASH video content with DRM. In addition to being easy to integrate, these tools were also free and open-source..
  2. The ExpressPlay cloud service takes care of delivering DRM licenses. As this is a SaaS model, the integration is very simple.
  3. The ExpressPlay SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows & MACs allowed TF1 to build apps for a wide range of platforms as well as for online and offline scenarios. Other platforms like HbbTV, and Connected TVs are supported natively by Marlin DRM.

What Were the Results?

As a result, MYTF1VOD has been able to protect and deliver its VOD content more easily and efficiently than ever before.MYTF1VOD is also working toward implementing these ExpressPlay features into future desktop applications for PCs and MACs, to increase its reach to more users and devices.The ExpressPlay and MYTF1VOD collaboration is ongoing and will announce more joint development shortly.

“We had a very specific requirement from our DRM solution, which was that it allow us to share the same video files between multiple platforms like HbbTV, iOS, and Android, rather than having one per platform. Not only did ExpressPlay meet this need, but its cost effective, pay-as-you-go model was very attractive, especially given the high quality of the product and personalized support we were able to get from the team. This allowed us to develop a very flexible product that provides a very good experience for our customers.”

Jérome Lore | MYTF1VOD