Kiora provides a secure distribution platform for content providers to publish and deliver content to audience in domains where Bandwidth is unavailable or expensive. Our gamut of offerings comprehensively address these audience segments.

KIVE (Kiora In-Vehicle Entertainment) Solution

Industry’s most versatile BYOD (Bring your own device) In-Vehicle Entertainment Offering

Kiora extends its patented “ContentZone” technology to bring a BYOD offering to the Captive Audience in the in-cab/in-vehicle market.

KIVE is first of its kind, as it addresses the requirements of the Captive Audience, while bringing entertainment to users’ own devices. KIVE is a content delivery platform specifically designed for Captive Audience providing both Adaptive Streaming and Offline playback of content on user’s own devices. The Content is secured and protected with Industry approved Marlin DRM, and KIVE is audited and verified by various studios to deliver their content assets.

KIVE solution includes both Hardware Device and Software components, providing a complete End-End Platform that is readily deployable. KIVE’s flagship device offering includes a Kiora Nano, that is specifically designed to be in an in-cab environment, and Kiora Free Style offering that caters to a large number of users in an In-Bus or In-Train environments.

The Hardware part of the solution is compliant to industry standards, ensured to be robust, vibration resistant, and has protection against ignition spikes that is quite common in these deployments. KIVE provides fleet operators a solution in entirety that relives them of managing their infotainment platform and helps them focus on their core business.

In addition to entertainment offering, KIVE also provides Analytics on User and Usage behavior, which enables the OEMs and Fleet Operators to continually customize the entertainment offering. The Analytics also helps these operators to bring in new partners (advertising etc.) into this eco-system.

KIVE is licensed as a white labeled solution to Fleet Operators, who can brand it to drive their customer loyalty, beyond the transit time.

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Content Hotspot – Content Disribution Solution on Telco Wifi Hotspots

Content Hotspots are Kiroa enabled Wifi Zones, where users can procure protected content securely. Content Hotspot addresses the growing Mobile user base in the emerging markets, by providing an offloading solution that is a cheaper alternative to the expensive broadband infrastructure.

Content Hotspot has patented technology and is approved by various content studios for securely delivering content.

The predominance of smart phones and tablets in the emerging markets is driving more and more users to watch content, creating a surge in demand for content on these smart devices but in cheaper ways. However, a lack of 3G/4G penetration and inadequate strong backhauling connectivity remains a problem and prevents devices from obtaining content.

Installed at various public/retail places, these hotspots form the access end points for mobile devices. With a Telco backhauling for these hotspots a much more wider offering is now available to mobile users in these markets.

The ContentHotspots deliver high quality video on demand (VOD ) and value-added services (VAS ) such as pre-paid Internet access to mobile users providing far more cost effective content bandwidth costs.

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Kiora In-Flight Entertainment Solution

The In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) market is undergoing a dramatic shift given the emergence of Wifi technologies on board and importantly, with the ubiquitous Smart Devices with the travelers that can render any content. Users are increasingly using their smart devices for most activities including personal entertainment leaving the phenomenon of bring your own device (BYOD). Airlines are exploring ways to take advantage of the same in reducing their capital and operating costs.

The next generation of IFE would require direct delivery of entertainment content to user’s devices while they are on-board, which will help reduce the costs of seat back devices. The Next Generation IFE requires Content distribution platforms to function with No-Internet connectivity, and standard cloud based distribution platforms fail in this.

Kiora extends its Micro Cloud platform to in-flight environment to create a secure cloud to distribute content to the Users’s devices while they are on board with no requirement for bandwidth connectivity.

Kiora’s unique and comprehensive IFE solution for both user’s (BYOD) and airlines seat back devices makes for a smooth travel experience of the passenger and potentially generating complementary revenue for the airlines. Kiora used the industry standard and studios approved Marlin DRM ( for securing and delivering the media content. Kiora supports a variety of purchase models (T/S/P VOD etc.,) and requires no connectivity to the Ground for Internet (Offline delivery).

Kiora’s IFE platform is supported on various In-Flight Wifi solutions from leading OEMs.

Kiora’s IFE solution features include:

Passenger Entertainment

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Shopping
  • E-books and Magazines


  • Passenger Announcements
  • Video Announcements
  • Boarding Music
  • Attendant Call & Reading Light Control

Traveller Information

  • Moving Maps
  • News

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