Content Hotspot

Last mile Content Delivery Platform
for emerging markets

Kiora Platform

Kiora offers an end – end content service platform for delivering and monetizing video content. This Content Service platform is specifically designed for emerging markets with congested/limited bandwidth infrastructure. Many of the premises in terms of reliable bit-pipes for delivery do not hold true in these markets, and the standard VOD (video on demand) platforms fail in providing a reasonable user experience during content consumption. Moreover the high mobile bandwidth costs associated with the Telco networks would stifle any amount of user interest in VOD

Kiora’s delivery platform – ContentHotspots is based on its patented technology, and caters primarily to the large and growing mobile users in these markets. The ContentHotspot creates a Secure Content Zone where premium content can be procured by Mobile Users (SmartPhones/Tablets). A ContentZone is similar in behavior to a Wifi Zone but enhancing the services with a secure content delivery platform.

Kiora Platform overview

Platform Overview

A ContentHotspot seamlessly offloads the content requests from a mobile user and manages them inside the ContentZone. This in-effect relives the user of the high bandwidth costs for content procurement, and for the Telcos and operators enables them to monetize their WiFI hotspot deployments with Value Added Services (VAS).

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The ContentHotspot based delivery platform is a perfect foil for the Wifi deployments which are explosively growing to catch up to the needs of the large smartphone users.

A ContentHotspot also lends well to the user behavior in the emerging markets, where service procurement at retail locations is usually the norm. A ContentHotspot instantly turns these locations into smart zones where content can be purchased. And quite interestingly these zones do not need to have the broadband connectivity!

Content Hotspot Specifications

Physical or Virtual Appliance

  • Solution is Available as a Hardened Physical Appliance or a SW Virtual appliance
  • The Appliances can fit directly into a Telco’s Wi-Fi Infrastructure.
  • L2/L3 switching and SW
  • Appliances are designed to be standalone installations creating Content Hotspots or leveraging existing Wifi Hotspots

Service Management Platform

  • Cloud based Remote Monitoring of ContentHotspots (when available)
  • Network Operations Center for continuous view of the ContentHotspots on the field
  • Takedown or Bring up of ContentHotspots
  • Activity and Reporting on user, content, device and service behavior
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Supports various payment gateways including redeemable pins for retailer integrations
  • Mobile Device Personalizaton

Cloud Content Management Platform

  • Integrates Content Distribution Elements
  • Ingestion, Encoding, Metadata Association, Service Asset Management
  • Seamless Integration with various studio sources Policy and Business Rules
  • Expiry Terms of Content, Pricing, Geographic Perimeter enforcement
  • Support for Multicast or Unicast delivery of Content to Hotspots
  • IP – Unicast, Satellite – Multicast
  • Support for Content Availability Windows

Mobile Application Software

  • Supports popular Mobile Device Platforms (Android/iOS)
  • Automatic Sensing of ContentHotspots
  • Integrated DRM (digital rights management) component that is Studio approved
  • Filter content by device, region or rating
  • Completely skinnable App allowing for White-Labeling of service

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