ExpressPlay provides all the benefits of a full-featured and robust content protection platform for media distribution, but with an unprecedented ease of use. ExpressPlay includes these major features.


Studio-approved enhanced content protection for ultra high definition video with super encryption option for content protection across platforms & devices. ExpressPlay UHD is simple and economical to integrate.


ExpressPlay has integrated Civolution’s NexGuard Session-Based Watermarking technology to videos as part of ExpressPlay’s cloud-based DRM service to help copyright holders identify the source of unauthorized content distribution even after the video content leaves the encrypted digital domain helping reduce piracy risks.

Media Formats

ExpressPlay supports all the media formats and codecs supported by iOS, Android and Microsoft Silverlight technology.

Tamper Resistant

The ExpressPlay SDK is protected by the Cryptanium code and data protection system, a state of the art tamper resistance software technology.

Distribution Modes

ExpressPlay supports media streaming, download-to-play, progressive download (playback while data is being cached), and side loading (media is transferred from another device such as via USB).


A single solution to deliver content seamlessly to multiple devices and platforms. Maximize your reach and reduce your operating complexities with ExpressPlay’s multi-DRM service.

Cloud Service

ExpressPlay Service is a secure cloud-based service that provides an easy to use API and web-based administration. This freedom makes content protection infinitely accessible.

ExpressPlay SDK

The ExpressPlay SDK is available for iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows.

Content Protection

ExpressPlay fully supports the Marlin open standard for content protection. Additionally ExpressPlay fully supports all PlayReady compatible devices.

IDE Support

The ExpressPlay SDK works with Xcode for iOS and Mac OS X development, Eclipse or Ant for Android development and MS Visual Studio for Windows development.