Case Study

Tivù relies on ExpressPlay Content Protection for its OTT Service, tivuon!

Company: Tivù srl
Industry: Broadcast Media
Countries: Italy
Founded: 2008

  • Replicate the success of tivùsat (free satellite platform based on open standards)
  • Enable new OTT business models
  • Provide premium VoD and catch-up TV content
  • Deliver protected content to users
  • Offer a great user experience
Solution: Working with Intertrust’s ExpressPlay cloud DRM service provided YouView with an efficient way to implement Marlin DRM
Implications: Partner with Intertrust’sExpressPlay to build acomplete, intricate ecosystem.

About Tivù

Tivù is a joint venture between Italian broadcasters Mediaset, RAI, and Telecom Italia Media to operate the tivúon! OTT service and manage the open standard Tivù technical specifications and certification platform. The Tivù system is based on MHP, Marlin DRM, MPEG-DASH, CENC, and Marlin-tivùon! BAS certificates.

Open OTT standard for all service providers, device makers and technology providers operating in Italy.

tivùon! is an OTTV service enabled via MHP-GEM broadband applications and secured with a Marlin DRM delegated Certificate Authority.

What Were Tivú’s Business Requirements?

Soon after it was created in 2008, Tivù decided to partner with a trust and security provider instead of developing the capability for application security and content protection in-house.

Tivù sought a flexible and open solution to secure OTT applications and protect the content that would give service providers: the ability to:

  • protect both content and application code
  • enable a trusted ecosystem for consumption of premium Hollywood content
  • ability to extend the OTT service beyond the STB devices by including mobile and others …

Tivù approached Intertrust, leader in trusted computing technologies and co-founder of the open standard Marlin DRM, to integrate its DRM and application protection to its technical platform.

“After investigating different DRM options for the Italian market, we chose Marlin because it is an open standard, pan-European, and allows us the flexibility we need to build out a sophisticated yet user-driven service. ExpressPlay provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for building out our services. With ExpressPlay, we do not need to build and maintain our own server farms for Marlin, as we can leverage Intertrust’s robust cloud services instead.”

Alberto Sigismondi | CEO of Tivù

How Did ExpressPlay Meet Tivù’s Requirements?

Tivù worked closely with Intertrust’s ExpressPlay cloud service for content protection and Seacert Managed PKI to provide application security. Both ExpressPlay and Seacert support the open standard Marlin DRM. ExpressPlay is a cloud DRM service designed to provide robust protection for catch-up TV, VoD, and live streaming. ExpressPlay delivers secure tokens that permit Marlin DRM protected content to play on PCs, smart TVs, set top boxes, game consoles, tablets and mobile phones. Seacert technology is designed to certify the authentication of devices and provide official certificates for DRM and for all MHP applications.

What Were the Results?

ExpressPlay’s expertise in implementing the open standard Marlin DRM combined with Tivù’s regional expertise regarding the device makers and broadcasters in the market has proven to be quite powerful and successful. 60% of the iDTV and 70% of the set top box market in Italy has already adopted the technical specifications for tivùon!, and device makers including LG, Samsung, ADB iCan, and Humax have already certified their compliance to the tivùon! specification.

The most significant implication is that ExpressPlay successfully helped create tivùon! as a complete ecosystem that allows total trust between all partners involved.


ExpressPlay has helped build another national ecosystem by working with Tivù on content protection. ExpressPlay was created precisely for the purpose of providing platforms like TivùOn! with a reliable, efficient solution so that service providers and broadcasters can focus on providing their services with the best user experience.