Case Study

Company: YouView
Industry: Broadcast Television
Countries: United Kingdom
Founded: 2010
Goals: To allow users in the UK to view and record all free-to-air standard-definition channels on Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)
Challenges: To protect and deliver content by implementing the Marlin DRM standard efficiently and effectively
Solution: Working with Intertrust’s ExpressPlay cloud DRM service provided YouView with an efficient way to implement Marlin DRM
Implications: ExpressPlay and YouView continue to work closely together to protect and deliver content. –- Other national initiatives have also selected Marlin DRM having seen YouView’s success

What is YouView?

YouView is a UK-based Internet TV service that seamlessly delivers broadcast, catch-up, and OTT television content. YouView is backed by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5, and three service providers: British Telecom, Talktalk, and Arquiva. The YouView service is currently delivered on set-top boxes made by Humax and Huawei, but will soon include connected TV’s from other leading providers.

What are its Business Needs?

YouView selected Marlin as its content protection technology because it is the only open standard Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology with broad global deployments. Marlin is an open standard for content protection that was established in 2006 by Intertrust Technologies Corporation along with four large CE companies: Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and Philips.
With Expressplay‘s launch last year, the YouView ecosystem was able to deliver Marlin-protected content more easily and efficiently than before.

What was Our Approach?

To meet YouView’s needs, Intertrust combined ExpressPlay and one of Intertrust’s other technology providers to act as a Trust Authority designed to certify the authentication of devices and to provide official certificates for Marlin DRM. Clive Malcher, Head of Technology and Operations for Channel 5 (one of the seven founders of YouView) explains, “YouView and ExpressPlay grew up together. ExpressPlay was developed to provide companies such as Channel 5 with a cloud based license delivery service, making it easier to complete those tasks”.

What Were the Results?

YouView, ExpressPlay, and Marlin (standard) have all benefitted from this ongoing relationship. As a result of this collaboration, YouView has already deployed well over one million devices, and has a target of ten million over the next few years.
Malcher continues to explain, “As a YouView shareholder, we understood that the ability to efficiently deliver secure content to viewers through the YouView set-top box was essential for the platform’s adoption by content providers and its future growth. As a content provider, Channel 5 required a highly scalable solution to serve DRM licences for its own Demand 5 VoD service. ExpressPlay was developed to provide companies like Channel 5 with a cloud-based DRM licence delivery service, which made it easier and quicker for us to implement secure on-demand services.”

“YouView and ExpressPlay grew up together. ExpressPlay was developed to provide companies such as Channel 5 with a cloud based license delivery service, making it easier to complete those tasks.”

Clive Malcher | Head of Technology and Operations, Channel 5

What are the Implications?

As the only comprehensive Marlin-ready solution, ExpressPlay has had the opportunity to provide content protection for the entire YouView ecosystem. ExpressPlay deployments grow steadily in the UK as YouView and the broadcasting market expands and develops. In addition, companies such as Channel 5 have dramatically increased their use of ExpressPlay since their launch. Observing YouView’s success with ExpressPlay, other national initiatives have also selected MarlinDRM to provide their own content protection.