KVA and hardware appliances

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Kiora KVA

Flexible integration in any existing infrastructure, software-only.

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Kiora FreeStyle

A rugged hardware solution for larger scale streaming scenarios.

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Kiora Nano

A portable solution designed for small scale streaming scenarios.

The Kiora appliance acts as the secure local media storage location, router, as well as WiFi transmitter, and is a key part of the end to end Kiora solution. Kiora appliances are available as software-only offerings from Intertrust as the “Kiora Virtual Appliance” where hardware is provided by third party manufacturers, or hardware/software physical appliances integrated hardware/software systems provided and supported by Intertrust.

Whenever there is connectivity to the cloud and the Kiora management system, log information is communicated back and collated across all zones and appliances.

The following features are provided as part of the appliances:

Personalization server

Provides the unique security DRM credentials e.g. device private / public key pair and certificates

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Device and log manager

Monitors various activities of the Kiora mobile app, including playback errors, and log management in general.

Content delivery server

Delivers DRM protected content to authenticated Kiora apps that are personalized. Delivery could be via streaming or offline download.

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Multi-DRM license server

Provides DRM licenses for either streaming or downloaded protected content.

Technical specifications

Kiora KVA

Kiora Freestyle

Kiora Nano

Ideal for

Flexible integration in any existing infrastructure Rugged hardware for large scale deployments The most portable and economic solution

Use cases

Wifi/content hotspots, large scale deployments such as malls, hotels, airline infrastructure Taxis, cars, Busses, shuttles, trains, boats, hotels, retail, coffee shops, airports Taxis, cars, small shuttles


Platform specific 30-50 4-6


N/A 200 x 80 x 180mm 105 x 75 x 30mm

Internal storage

Conditional Up to 2TB Up to 128GB