Management Portal

Kiora management center

The Kiora Management Center is cloud-based, running globally on Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions to always be close to needed access. Service provider administration users access the Kiora Management System in a secure and authenticated manner globally from a browser-based admin console. The following are the main functions provided:

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  • Kiora appliance management

    Content provisioning, activation and overall management of the population of Kiora appliances.

  • User management

    User authentication based on roles and 
activities is provided through the Kiora management system.

  • Software Updates

    Manages the Kiora appliances software versions.

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Mobile apps greatest showman
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  • Loading and refreshing of the media assets onto the Kiora appliances

    The Kiora management system also acts as a central repository of all media assets, stored in the cloud for efficient content management in the appliances.

  • License management

    Issues content licenses according to the business rules specified by the service provider.

  • Log management

    Collects logs from various appliances, and provides them for post-processing and analytics, including content consumption statistics.

Service providers have a customized portal and dashboard in the Kiora management system.