Kiora Usecases

In-vehicle entertainment

Kiora is a content delivery platform that provides both streaming and offline playback of content on user’s own devices, secured and protected with ExpressPlay DRM. Easily deployable, a complete end to end platform for hardware and software, virtual, in-cab, in-bus and in-train environments.

The Kiora integrated solution is built with hardware that is industry compliant. It provides analytics on usage behavior, that not only improve the offering but can bring in new partners to the ecosystem. Being a white labeled solution, fleet operators can brand it for customer loyalty.

Hospitality and public content hotspots

Content hotspots are Kiora-powered WiFi zones, where users can procure protected content securely, by providing an offloading solution that is a lower-cost alternative to the expensive broadband infrastructure.

It has patented technology and is approved by various content studios for securely delivering content.

There is a surge in demand for content on smart devices but in lower-cost ways. These hotspots form the access end points for mobile, delivering high quality video while providing far more cost-effective content bandwidth costs.

In-flight entertainment

The In-Flight Entertainment market is undergoing massive change, requiring direct delivery of entertainment content to users' devices. The Kiora in-flight solution creates a secure cloud to distribute content while on board with no requirement for upstream bandwidth connectivity.

The solution is a unique and comprehensive one for users, providing a smooth travel experience. For airlines, it potentially generates incremental revenue. It uses the industry standard and studios approved Marlin DRM for securing and delivering the media content and uses offline delivery.