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Home IoT

When devices become Internet-connected, new data-driven services are born, challenging the status quo of the market. To survive and grow in the world of IoT, one needs to break free from vendor-specific data silos and securely interoperate across multiple cloud infrastructure services. With the Intertrust Platform, protect and build the data-driven business of tomorrow.


In every electron, there’s a bit of opportunity.

Build advanced data-driven applications for:

  • Grid management and maintenance scheduling
  • Planning energy transformation and new power generation deployments
  • Feasibility analysis of market demand for residential solar, EV charging stations, street lighting, etc.
  • Smart grid and load balancing
  • Energy trading and risk management
  • Improved cybersecurity for intrusion detection and effective response

Power Grid

Energy systems are becoming more decentralized and complex, and margins for electrons are decreasing. At the same time, grids are allowed to have a very low power loss per customer per year and end customers are becoming prosumers. New privacy regulations also drive the need for complex rights management. Grid data and documentation is often stored in different databases and in different formats. With Intertrust, you can manage users, permissions, policies, and groups across all organizations and partners – government organizations, DSOs, retail organizations, service providers, etc. Intertrust allows you to process data from all your IT and OT networks in a single environment to execute your plans with confidence.


To effectively manage their operations, wind farm operators typically interact with a variety of software systems to effectively manage their portfolios. Integrating these diverse systems is a significant interoperability challenge, but the resulting operational insights and performance benefits can be even more significant to their bottom lines. Solar farm operators generate large volumes of data, but often lack the data processing workflows to properly analyze and transform that data into actionable insights. Over 50% of operators still manually construct spreadsheets for reporting purposes. The Intertrust Platform helps renewable energy owners and operators securely manage and distribute their data. Within these organizations, this may include sharing data between teams, business divisions, or key stakeholders. Data may also be shared with trusted partners and third parties such as OEMs, municipalities, regulatory bodies, contractors, or other data-driven service providers.
Securely govern your data while providing interoperability across systems while avoiding getting locked out of your data by vendors and platforms with conflicts of interest.
  • Project planning, design, and engineering – site analysis, turbine or panel selection, grid integration, power commercialization, feasibility surveys, etc.
  • Procurement – foundation optimization, logistics planning, power integration optimization, O&M service level agreements, etc.
  • Construction – transportation optimization, foundation, power infrastructure, commissioning, etc.
  • Operation and maintenance – integrated control room operations monitoring and reporting, power output forecast, yaw/pitch performance for wind farms, predictive maintenance, re-power analysis improvement, claim management, fire-risk monitoring, etc.
  • Management – financial performance, intelligent dashboard first-screen dashboard solutions, parametric yield cover insurance, etc.
  • Performance – integrated data flows provide the ability to correlate events from different information systems and increase performance and reduce risk
  • See how Powerboard helps offshore wind operators

Intertrust provides a solid foundation to future-proof your energy business

Strategic Benefits

  • Maintain operational control of your data
  • Securely govern your data and protect your infrastructure investments
  • Sustain the continued growth of renewable energy deployments
  • Efficiently operate and optimize performance of power generation assets and grids
  • Build smart services for the home in a managed and trusted way

Operational Benefits

  • Solve data interoperability and workflow challenges
  • Enact policy-driven data governance without sacrificing accessibility
  • Develop advanced analytics applications and data exchange partnerships
  • Significantly reduce the cost of data storage and querying
  • Comply with privacy regulations and safeguard your customers’ data

Home IoT

Enhance your business with data security and control

Home IoT

As smart devices become more mainstream, consumers are increasingly wary of their information being shared with manufacturers and service providers. Connected door locks, thermostats, security cameras, and other smart home devices all generate data that is both useful for new innovative services as well as extremely sensitive. With Intertrust, you can create smart home ecosystems that provide governed access to your customers’ data, ensuring their sensitive information is both secure and only viewable by authorized parties. Build smart home services that meet applicable privacy regulations and give your customers the confidence that their data is handled appropriately.

The Intertrust Platform supports:

  • Secure APIs that enable connectivity between third-party devices and service platforms
  • Processing hundreds of thousands of API requests in real-time with the Intertrust Platform high-performance data processing and management module
  • Enabling service providers to configure and deploy data-driven services in your ecosystem without compromising customer data
  • Ensuring that all devices use best-in-class certificate authority using Intertrust Seacert™ PKI services
  • Letting consumers easily opt in and out of services and configure the use of their personal data by third parties
  • Smart home adjacent devices such as power storage units, charging units, solar photovoltaic, and electric vehicles


Put Your Data in the Driver’s Seat


By 2020, estimates are that nearly 2.3 billion connected devices will be found in cars and trucks worldwide (1). The wealth of data transmitted by these devices will be the raw material for the products and services defining mobility in the 21st century. Can you handle this tsunami of sensitive data safely while addressing all the new services you need to create? The Intertrust Platform gives you the security and built-in policy graph-based data governance functionality you need to make this happen. Combined with the flexibility of a modular design that can handle the wide variety of data you will need to work with, Intertrust gives you the confidence to tackle the data-driven automotive future.

(1) ABI Research, October 2017

Connected car data will drive a wide variety of products, services, and business models, from predictive maintenance to targeted advertising to autonomy. The Platform can be deployed either in your cloud or in public clouds to give you the secure data governance features needed to free up your data so it can be even more useful.
  • Apply granular policy-based data access rights so you can control which stakeholders have access and which data they have access to.
  • Audit trails are kept for all data access events.
  • Intertrust’s certificate and software application shielding technology makes sure end points are verified and communication is secure.
  • Analytics sandbox makes sure that third party algorithms can only access the data you want them to.
  • Trusted Traveling Companion can also move data analytics to where the data resides, not the other way around.
  • Data marketplace features for monetizing your data.
  • Multiple data file formats and protocols supported but can also be extended via plug-ins.
  • Search, query and access APIs are available that all manage who can access data.
  • Scalable and elastic data storage compression keeps data storage costs low.


Maintaining trust in the data flow

Using connected device data means that insurance companies need to work with multiple partners such as electrical utilities, telecommunications companies, smart home and industrial device OEMs in ways they have never done before. The Intertrust Platform trusted data rights management platform gives insurance service application developers multiple security and data governance features as well as data integration capabilities to work with these partners so they can focus on other tasks.
  • Apply granular policy-based data access rights so you can control which stakeholders have access and which data they have access to.
  • Audit trails are kept for all data access events.
  • Intertrust’s certificate and software application shielding technology makes sure end points are verified and communication is secure.
  • Trusted Traveling Companion can also move data analytics to where the data resides, not the other way around
  • Data is organized as a virtual database with all the data consistently secured and governed no matter its location.
  • Multiple data file formats and protocols supported but can also be extended via plug-ins.
  • Run as a neutral third-party platform run entirely for the benefit of the customer.


Insurance is an industry whose very lifeblood has been data for quite some time. In the 21st century, the ubiquity of connected devices and sensors and their data streams are driving massive opportunities for new services and business models for the insurance industry. Whether it’s using smart home data for services that avoid home insurance claims or smart farm operational data to finely hone crop and livestock insurance premiums, insurance firms face one major hurdle: gaining the trust of their customers to handle sensitive data. The Intertrust Platform trusted data rights management platform provides multiple data governance features for ensuring privacy and security. It is uniquely suited to give insurance companies the capability to develop new services and applications that give confidence to all the stakeholders involved to share data for their mutual benefit.