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The Intertrust Platform for Insurance

Transparent. Efficient. Private.

Intertrust Platform Powers Data-Driven Insurance

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Parametric Insurance increases transparency, simplifies claims processing, decreases risk exposure and provides customers with cost effective risk management.

Welcome to the advent of data-driven insurance: With an explosion in data management technologies, the insurance industry is undergoing a major transformation and is embracing new methods for risk management.

What’s the best way to use all this data, yet keep it private and secure?

Ever Changing Regulations
Data ownership is a key issue for people and corporations, leading to new regulations and privacy policies. It’s imperative to embrace secure digital practices to stay competitive.

How do you prepare for new technological advancements such as automation, the explosion of connected devices, new sources of data, as well as AI?

Insurance companies must employ systems that provide interoperability across diverse data sources, while respecting privacy laws and enterprise policies, and working with neutral digital settlement agents to build trust with their customer base. 

Introducing Intertrust Platform Parametric Insurance—simplify claims processing, decrease risk exposure, increase transparency and offer your customers cost-effective risk management.

The Intertrust Platform Parametric Insurance (IMPI) engine enables insurance companies to develop and roll out new parametric insurance policies without compromising the business interests of data owners.

IMPI provides the building blocks for data-driven digital insurance platforms. In the insurance world, data must be shared between different stakeholders—in this case, insurers and the insured. With IMPI, trusted data exchanges and independent third parties can provide auditable settlement technology acting as digital settlement agents.

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IMPI acts as an independent, neutral party that provides secure data services, which is a data processing environment designed for insurance and analytics providers to engage in trusted commercial arrangements, enabling them to ask questions without ever seeing the sensitive data itself. This provides guarantees for the data owners that their information does not get compromised and serves interests that only they have authorized.

This is Insurance-as-a-Platform (IaaP).

For the first time, the opportunity exists to create an end-to-end digital insurance platform with IMPI.

With Intertrust Platform Parametric Insurance (IMPI), an end-to-end digital insurance platform is now possible. With access to increasingly more data, create accurate and higher margin data-driven insurance policies for a broad set of applications—all while respecting the privacy of all data owners.

Discover how IMPI works across several business sectors.

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Model better policies and risk management for home insurance—including fire, theft, and flooding.

the Intertrust Platform Parametric ensures a reliable and trusted data flow from home IoT devices. On the cloud side, the Intertrust Platform Parametric can ingest data from many sources privately and securely, to assist with computing more accurate claim settlements.

Environment solution


The weather doesn’t work like it used to. Major forces—including extreme weather, climate risk, and food insecurity—have significantly reshaped insurance needs. Operators across various industries are increasing their insurance coverage to protect against varying cash flows due to production fluctuations.

In the renewable energy space, solar and wind operators are searching to close the gap of climate unpredictability by relying on parametric insurance to manage risk.

Auto solution


Connectivity in cars has made possible more accurate driver profiles and lower risk for insurers. Sensors, in particular, have enabled more accurate diagnostics of accidents for processing claims. 

Adaptive insurance policies are made and based on lookalike modeling and generalized behavioral analysis. However, drivers won’t necessarily want to share their data with insurance companies directly. The Intertrust Platform Parametric is the trusted third party that can privately facilitate those interactions.

Health solution


IMPI enables underwriters to launch new parametric insurance policies for health insurance and life insurance. The Intertrust Platform provides a secure way for customers can submit their activity data to get an accurate evidence-based insurance coverage without handing over their data to insurance providers. 

Banking solution$


Banks can expand their assessment of systemic risks by accessing non-financial IoT data of potential customers assets. This data-driven approach allows underwriters, bankers, and end customers to lower their risk exposure, and create a more informed and fair system for all stakeholders.

Travel solution


All consumer industries rely on mobile applications and devices that reside in hostile environments—these apps must be protected, and provide an opportunity for insurance products. Anywhere distributed devices run in a hostile environment and there is a demand for multi-party secure data, we can work together to design digital risk managed policies. 

New applications, powered by the Intertrust Platform.

Created to facilitate cross-organization collaboration, the Intertrust Platform enables enterprise customers to secure, govern, and exchange multi-party, multi-format data across cloud services.


With the Intertrust Platform secure data services, there’s never a need to copy large volumes of data across storage systems. Data stays within the system, and algorithms go to the data, so you always stay in control. 

The Intertrust Platform works with diverse data formats (including tabular, time-series, and grid data), provides a secure execution environment for analytics, and complies with privacy regulations and protect customer data.

Security and Privacy.

Protecting your reputation, and your customers, is our #1 policy.

Because we only provide secure data management technology, the Intertrust Platform is hardware agnostic and there are never any hardware or analytics up-sells.

The Intertrust Platform always has your best interests at heart.

Unlike other providers of similar platforms, we don’t operate with hidden agendas or hardware upsell strategies. With the Intertrust Platform, you control and configure our platform the way you want.