Reverse Engineering: Still a Serious Problem Today?
Reverse Engineering: Still a Serious Problem Today? icon

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Reverse Engineering: Still a Serious Problem Today?

Reverse Engineering—What is the impact for your software and your business?

It’s far too easy for anyone with the inclination to convert your application back into readable text or code. All it takes is simple point-and-click software.

Once in, hackers can:

  • Find vulnerabilities to exploit
  • Steal confidential data and intellectual property
  • Repackage your app with malware
  • Extract cryptographic keys

Human error is unavoidable; developers will always make mistakes. So what are the best practices for protecting your client-side application? Watch this webinar-on-demand to find out.

Webinar host

Jake Friedenberg

Join Jake Friedenberg as he covers best practices on protecting software applications and IoT devices, with a focus on Intertrust whiteCryption application shielding solutions. Jake is responsible for Application Security advocacy and outreach at Intertrust.

"Today’s hackers are dramatically changing the conventional security threat paradigm built over decades. It is no longer sufficient to protect the enterprise infrastructure perimeter from external threats; companies must proactively protect their software when it runs in untrusted environments."