4 Steps Your Company Can Take to Protect Apps from Threats – New Infographic

From enterprise applications to Internet-enabled cars and banking, apps are under attack. Code tampering, intellectual property theft and malware injection are just some of the ways hackers tap into systems via apps that are not hardened.

Consider some of these scary statistics:

  • A hacker ring stole $1 billion from banks between 2013 and 2015 via ATM skimming and mobile app Trojans
  • 82% of IT leaders say the majority of their corporate data is now accessible via mobile devices
  • 43% of drivers are afraid that hackers will be able to actually manipulate safety features such as braking
  • By 2020 there will be approximately 212 billion things connected globally

And one scarier statistic… only 54 percent of IT teams believe their apps can withstand threats. How do your apps rate?

Download our latest infographic and discover:

  • Which mobile platforms are the most vulnerable to hacker threats
  • Why you should worry about the 4.9 billion “things” that connected to the Internet this year—and the attacks your company will face
  • What four steps your company can take to protect your apps from threats

whiteCryption helps enterprises protect software applications at the source code level by offering integrated security solutions that prevent against unwanted alteration and intellectual property theft, and keep secret cryptographic keys hidden.