AutoMobility LA 2016 – See you in Los Angeles!

What are the startups that are uprooting the status quo of the cybersecurity space in the connected car industry? What types of new rides will be making their big debuts? Ready to see live dancing monkeys climbing indoor palm trees and bird ladies at the kick off party?

Find out the compelling answers to these questions at AutoMobility LA (the first show of its kind), November 14-17. We are equally excited to be there with other leaders in the industry such as Ford and Maserati and ready to go full throttle in whiteCryption Booth #1011. Here’s what lies ahead of the open road for us at the show:

  • Giving you an exclusive demo of Cryptanium™.
  • Giving away Cryptanium™ mints (for when you want that extra boost).
  • Giving away remote-controlled 1/24 scale Lamborghini Veneno cars.
  • Showing you how to hack a car and prevention techniques.

Nowadays, connected cars, equipped with intuitive onboard sensors and Internet access, allow for real-time traffic info in navigation systems, detect blind spots, and even allow drivers take a break from steering using autonomous technology.

Those are features that are sought after, but what if those very features serve as the gateway to cybercriminals tampering with your car? After all, these cars are connected to the cloud, which is still free territory unless you actively take steps to secure your car. So come stop by our booth in the Tech Pavilion – we’ll be there on November 14-17 to show you how to secure your connected car apps.

See you there,

Your friends at whiteCryption