Connected Car Security – The Need for Application Hardening

Connected Cars are here; they’ve been here actually for quite some time and as older cars are retired, more and more cars on the road are connected. It makes life behind the wheel comfortable and convenient. Now driverless cars are becoming a reality. Soon will be the day when we get behind the wheel of our car and it does all the driving. This is the ultimate in consumer convenience and certainly the ultimate in consumer trust. With connected cars, we’re putting an unseen trust in manufacturers that the applications that make connectivity and convenience a reality are secure. With a driverless car, the trust is put right out in the open in an obvious, if not potentially erroneous way. Is the software and applications that make this connectivity secure? Are you safe behind the wheel?

This great infographic from information is beautiful shows you some of the world’s biggest data breaches and if pictures paint a thousand words, then it should be painfully obvious that breaches and data compromises affect nearly every industry and organization. It’s the new reality; and, when it comes to connected cars it’s scary!

TechBeacon recently highlighted a SANS 2015 State of Application Security report that showed the majority of survey respondents stated that application security spend was less than adequate. Connected car security needs to happen at both the manufacturer level and at the user level. The devices and applications that help cars stay connected can introduce vulnerabilities and consumers are concerned about data privacy. The sheer diversity of connecting devices puts tremendous pressure on automobile manufacturers and users. The potential for data leaks will only intensify the need for next-generation tools that can handle today’s demanding security landscape.

Our enterprise-level application security provides the next layer of protection to help avoid the limitations and risks involved with conventional application security. We deliver a unique, comprehensive approach that enables enterprises to capitalize on the Internet of Things while making sure their applications are secure. We provide protection for the entire application and shields the entire software, including the data it processes. Integrating with your existing applications, our high security solutions deliver the next level of obfuscation, self-defense and tamper resistance technology against piracy.

It’s nice to hear about new legislation being introduced that makes car systems hacking a felony with severe punishment the result, but taking application hardening and security to heart at the manufacturing stage should also be a priority. Our Cryptanium Code Protection is the best solution for integrating with existing applications delivering the next level of application obfuscation, self-defense and tamper resistance technology against piracy. Further, our solution will increase your efficiency — saving money and reducing limitations and risks. With application hardening connected cars will be able to deliver the consumer experienced promised, with the trust needed to make them successful and safe.

Photo by Matthias Ripp.