Free On-Demand Video Webinar on Delivering iOS Application Security

There’s an app for that! This all too common quip certainly rings true, making it easier to do almost anything these days. In fact there are currently 1.4 million apps available in the Apple App Store, with over 100 billion cumulative downloads and it’s projected that there will be 268 billion app downloads by the year 2017. Needless to say creating apps is big business and likely to continue to drive strong revenue numbers for app creators well into the future.

But what if someone is tampering with your iOS application?

Enterprises today are heavily vested – in both time and money – in the development and deployment of software applications. Are these applications secured to protect IP and reputation? What about the data that resides within the app? Are your applications protected from potential jailbreaking? Do you know what jailbreaking is?

These are important questions that IT needs to be able to answer and with hackers continually upping their ante the answers need to be had sooner than later. We can help! We’ve launched an on-demand video webinar that can help you make sense of iOS application security. You’ll learn:

  • How to protect a small iOS app with Cryptanium Code Protection
  • What security features are required to protect the application to prevent it from being decompiled and debugged
  • Why and how Code Protection helps protect your mobile applications from hacking, tampering and reverse engineering

Cryptanium delivers the next level of self-defense and tamper resistance technology against piracy and other application security threats. Why wait for bad press, angry customers and loss of revenue.  Watch this complimentary video webinar now.

Photo credit to Blake Patterson.