Gartner Catalyst 2016 Recap: Protect Your Apps Now

We’re back home from Gartner Catalyst 2016, and we’re already missing the face-to-face conversations we had with the attendees that we met at the event. Together, we discussed app security challenges and participated in deep dive sessions that triggered thought-provoking topics.

As an exhibitor, we had the opportunity to connect with and learn from fellow exhibitors. As an attendee, we maximized our learning potential with groundbreaking research from top-notch analysts and tech professionals. And as a leading provider of powerful software app security solutions, we evangelized not just the importance of, but also the necessity in, securing apps at the source code level.

In case we missed you, or if you didn’t attend the event, here is some information to shed more light on the hostile cyber reality in which we live. Take a look here for a few examples of the precarious vulnerabilities you face and how to prevent them through application security:

  • Reverse engineered apps
  • Manipulated apps
  • Stolen keys and ideas

If attacked (and it is only a matter of time before that happens), it is a certainty that companies will be faced with loss of revenue and damage to their reputations. Taking preventative measures such as using our award-winning suite of protection tools, Cryptanium™, will put you in the driver’s seat of your applications. We establish an extra layer of protection at the source code level so your apps become exponentially difficult to hack.

Demo Cryptanium and find out what you have to gain now.

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The whiteCryption Team