Happy Halloween! Beware of ghouls, vampires and…cyberthreats?

October is an exciting month – not only is Halloween just around the corner (filled with trick or treaters, costume parties, and haunted attractions!), but it’s also Cyber Security Awareness Month.

As with Halloween activities, where safety should be a first priority, Cyber Security Awareness Month is designed to bring attention to the importance of protecting the public from cybersecurity threats. Whether you are a casual Internet user or an app creator, a dark web of malicious activities runs rampant. Recent malevolent threats include AtomBombing, which affects millions of PCs by using code injection to access sensitive data such as encrypted passwords and by taking screenshots without your permission. Another big bad wolf of cyberthreats can quite literally put your lives at risk when behind the wheel of your car. These threats are a new breed that comes with the luxury of interconnected systems – car hacks. Engine, transmission controls and navigation systems can all be compromised because they do not need physical access to the autonomous car to operate anymore. 

Scary, right? There is, however, an action you can take that will stop mobile application threats in its tracks. Cryptanium™, a leading suite of code protection tools, adds an extra layer of security to apps, rendering them tamper-proof and preventing against:

  • Reverse engineering.
  • Manipulated apps.
  • Stolen keys and ideas.

Get app security-ready with us, not just on Halloween, but every day. Try Cryptanium now!

All the best and have a Happy Halloween,

Your friends at whiteCryption

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