Join us at Gartner Catalyst 2016!

August has been nothing short of a metamorphic month for us – we made great connections at Black Hat, we were featured in InformationWeek, and we won CV Magazine’s Most Innovative App Security Award!

What are we up to this week? We’re sponsoring the #GartnerCAT conference in sunny San Diego, where attendees are given the opportunity to attend panels, debates, demos, case studies and more. It has been an exciting experience and so far we have experienced an eye-opening keynote speech, met with exhibitors in the TechZone, and indulged in the abundant sweets that the conference had to offer.

Now it’s Day 2 – and we’re ready to connect with more attendees in the TechZone from 11:45 a.m. – 3:00 p.m, in addition to attending John O’Leary’s inspiring Guest Keynote at 5:15 p.m., Seaport E, Second Level. Come join us as we learn from other evangelists on the state of the industry.

The tech industry is ever shifting and evolving, and along with great technologies come great vulnerabilities. That’s why attending info security events such as Gartner plays a huge role in securing your position in the cybersecurity landscape. That’s also why being awarded the most innovative app security matters, because innovative security strategies are no longer an option but the sine qua non to combat the sheer number of threats out there.

Our award-winning (and innovative!) solution, Cryptanium™, provides the best assurance to:

  • Prevent reverse engineering and tampering.
  • Prevent copying of applications.
  • Prevent loss of revenue.

Don’t be another headline in the news. Stop by Booth 613 at the Gartner Catalyst conference to find out how we can put you in the driver’s seat of your applications.


The whiteCryption Team

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