Protecting Connected Cars in a Connected World

It is estimated that the percentage of new cars shipped with Internet connectivity will rise from 13% in 2015 to 75% in 2020, and that in 2020, connected cars will account for 22% of all vehicles on the road.

Think about that for a second.

All this interconnectedness brings new challenges and threats. While automakers and third-party developers compete to turn mobile devices into elaborate remote controls, allowing drivers to locate, lock, and unlock their rides with a touch of a finger, at the same time, mobile devices are increasingly becoming the single point of failure and the largest risk vector when it comes to car security and the safety of the people on the road.

The foundation of digital trust is paranoia—do not trust the car, the mobile device, or the operating system. Car-enabled apps running on smartphones and tablets can be hacked. In fact, a recent test of nine different connected-car Android apps from seven companies showed that most of them lacked even basic software defenses. By either rooting the target phone or tricking a user into installing malicious code, hackers could use any of the tested apps to locate a car, unlock it, and in some cases even start its engine. The key problem is that mobile devices are inherently open environments that can be exposed to analysis and reverse engineering, and if there are no proper app-level shielding measures in place, with the right tools and resources a skilled hacker can and will gain control of the app and may use it in a malicious way. In several industries, including the automotive industry, malicious use of a hacked app can result in injury and even death.

Fear is a harsh motivator, but reality requires a clear-eyed response to truth and the will to act.

For decades, whiteCryption, a subsidiary of Intertrust Technologies Corporation, has been a world leader developing application shielding software and whitebox cryptography advancements, and has become the world’s top supplier of code obfuscation, integrity protection, and whitebox cryptography solutions. For years, whiteCryption has been developing sophisticated software tools that can transform any app into a self-contained and self-defending fortress, which can effectively protect itself against a wide range of attacks, such as key extraction, debugging, code lifting, reverse engineering, piracy, re-signing, running on a rooted device, and more.

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