#RSAC 2017 Recap: New Generation of Hacks Breeds Need for App Security

As we continue into a new year, we have witnessed a troubling upward spiral in cyberthreats to applications across different types of verticals. For connected cars, Russian security firm Kaspersky researchers recently discovered security vulnerabilities in connected car Android apps that could give hackers access to the car’s ignition and unlock the doors. The Polish banking industry was also recently hit hard with what is deemed the worst cyberattack in Polish banking history. And the healthcare industry is not immune, with one in three Americans having their health-care records compromised. With the rapid growth of medical wellness and healthcare apps, that’s sure to be a prescription for disaster.

These and other hacks are indicative of the fact that app security is not a luxury anymore… it’s a reality. That is the message we evangelized to attendees at the RSA conference last week. We met many attendees who expressed concern with these vulnerabilities, and the implications the data breaches would have on revenue, reputation and consumer trust. We also attended presentations that reaffirmed how detrimental data breaches can be – with the average cost of a data breach totaling to $4 million.

With that said, we were also honored to be recognized for several awards during our time at RSA, including a gold for Cyber Defense Magazine’s Hot Company – Application Security, and gold in Info Security Products Guide’s Best Security Software category. These accomplishments validate our expertise in effectively safeguarding app code, protecting company secrets and their customers.

If you missed us at the show, feel free to contact us or request a demo.

Stay secure and act swiftly,

The whiteCryption Team