Taking Steps to Secure Financial Mobile Apps

Criminals tend to focus on targets which provide the largest opportunity for a financial reward. So, as a long history of bank robberies and white collar crime shows, financial institutions have always been a target for criminals. This is just as true for today’s cybercriminals. As their customers increasingly turn to their mobile devices to manage their financial information, cybercriminals are also focusing more and more on today’s smart devices as a new and potentially lucrative platform to attack financial institutions.

At whiteCryption we are totally focused on increasing software security, and as such, we are naturally concerned with some of the worrisome trends around the vulnerability of mobile apps released by financial institutions to misuse by cybercriminals. To help the industry better understand these threats, we’re releasing a white paper titled “Taking Steps to Protect Financial Mobile Applications from Cybercrime and Malware” describing some recent disturbing findings around mobile financial apps as well as how our Cryptanium product can help alleviate these. With the release of this white paper, we’re looking forward to the start of a conversation with the industry on how we can help contribute to a safer environment for their customers, so they can enjoy the convenience of using their smart devices to control their financial transactions. You can access the white paper here.