The NAB Show, April 13 – 16 in Vegas

whiteCryption will be in the Intertrust booth at the NAB Show, April 13 – 16, in Las Vegas at the Convention Center. They will be in the North Hall – N2019. Be sure to come by and meet some great folks!

The NAB show is all about quality content and the people who create and deliver it, including emerging technologies and innovations that bring the content experience to life. New to the NAB show this year will be Connected Media and IP, including new television innovations such as 4K TV.

With the additional content opportunities that 4K TV provides, comes the need for content protection. Intertrust Technologies is a leader in trusted computing, Internet security, and data privacy for networked commerce and other applications. Its ExpressPlay™ cloud DRM (Digital Rights Management) system protects 4K, HD and other premium Hollywood and video, audio, and eBook content on popular consumer devices. ExpressPlay offers a complete DRM system with a license and device registration service, key storage service, and tamper-resistant client SDK for mobile and desktop platforms.

whiteCryption is used to secure the cryptographic keys related to the DRM player. This prevents unauthorized access to the keys, even during runtime (playback) of the content. This is extremely important to content providers and studios as they only want authorized users to have access to their content.  In addition, whiteCryption protects the entire playback application against tampering and reverse engineering.

If you plan on attending the NAB show I’m sure you’ll see a lot of build up around 4K TV, and for good reason. While you’re there be sure to visit booth N2019.