whiteCryption Now Supports the Swift Programming Language

Ever since Apple introduced the Swift programming language in 2014, the language has seen increasing success in developer adoption. It is now number 12 in the TIOBE Index as of February 2017, rising a full 4 positions from number 16 in February 2016. This is impressive, especially considering the languages ranked above Swift have all been around for over 15 years, giving them a greater head start in building the tools and training environments needed to support a programming language.

Intertrust is happy to announce that as of spring 2017, our whiteCryption software tampering resistance product line will be adding Swift to the list of supported programming languages. With Swift support, not only will iOS app developers be able to deter bad actors through our code obfuscation and FIPS 140-2 validated white-box cryptography technologies, but Apple TV (tvOS) app developers as well. Welcome aboard!