About Intertrust

"In over twenty years, Intertrust has made fundamental contributions to how people conduct electronic commerce and interact over open networks with service-enabled devices. We have grown from a small visionary research lab to a world-changing technology and licensing company, always retaining the ability to place our technology at the core of market trends."

Talal Shamoon, Chief Executive Officer

Intertrust invents, develops, and delivers technologies for enabling digital trust over the Internet. These technologies enable independent parties to interact and transact over distributed networks securely, and predictably.

Leading global corporations from consumer electronics manufacturers and service providers to enterprise software platform companies license Intertrust technology to create secure, user-managed rich media products and services. The Company's trusted computing inventions underpin the security, trust, and privacy management components of modern operating systems, trusted mobile code and networked operating environments, web services and cloud computing, and generally the way that information about people and things are collected, stored, analyzed, and shared.

Since 1990, Intertrust has embodied innovation. It cultivates a forward-looking R&D environment with dedicated researchers and technologists. Our technology portfolio is backed by over 250 patents and more than 200 pending patents worldwide, and our R&D teams continue to innovate and push new inventions into the market daily. Intertrust drives a broad set of pragmatic technology initiatives and open standards efforts that have resulted in globally adopted technologies including the Marlin open standard for content protection and solutions for media distribution. Intertrust is working on new trust services for new vertical markets related to trusted big data processing in consumer privacy for targeted advertising, on-line storage and processing of DNA data and smart grid applications.

Intertrust subsidiaries further extend the parent company's objectives by developing security-based products, trust services, and content distribution. These include: Seacert Corporation, the world's leading Certificate Authority for Marlin DRM, and for trusted root keys that has deployed hundreds of millions of secure certificates to leading consumer products globally; whiteCryption, a leading provider of software Tamper Resistance solutions for Apps that contain sensitive or proprietary information; Our most recent trusted services subsidiary, Personagraph, is dedicated to solving the problem of protecting consumer privacy for on-line targeted advertising and retail in a new and revolutionary fashion.

Intertrust actively invests in venture companies, and has built an ecosystem of partners who reinforce our market vision across various vertical markets. Current portfolio companies include Nest Labs, innovator of the world's first learning thermostat to make it easy for homeowners to save energy; and SyncTV Corporation, a Over-the-Top Internet TV provider for broadcasters, content owners, and service providers; Kiora™ an innovative retail kiosk video provider for geographies with little or no Internet penetration; and Marinexplore that seeks to organize the world’s ocean data into a format that is easy to search and analyze, with the goal of becoming the world’s preeminent Big Data service for industries that live from the riches of our oceans and for researchers and educators who are studying the well being of our seas.

Founded in 1990, and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Intertrust has regional offices and representatives in London, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul, and Beijing.

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